Wednesday, May 02, 2012


Whoa! After blogging for 7 years Blogger has decided to update things. I'm a little freaked out at the moment.

But maybe that's just the coffee talking.

Probably the coffee talking.

So I've been looking for a picture on my blog today. A few years ago when I got a new computer I transferred all my pictures to my new computer. Only, somehow I missed some. And now they are lost. Forever. One particular picture was taken sometime between 2005-2007 was of me in my office at the church I use to work at. In this picture I am drinking a cup of coffee. Well, I want that picture. Why? Just because I want it, that's why!

So I've been obsessively combing through my blog trying to find the picture. No luck. But I did find something greater. No, no pictures, but I found a piece of myself. A piece I had forgotten I even had. Seems that life has gotten in the way again and I lost track of something. Sometime valuable to me.

So here I sit, at my computer less than an hour from when I need to be at work and I haven't even showered for the day. TMI, I suppose. But I'm here at the computer typing away because I miss writing. I miss blogging. For years I used this blog to tell my stories of Peanut and Nickel and the things going on in our lives. I had crazy caption contests and posted funny pictures. I posted links to fun quizzes and random interesting facts. All pieces of me.

But then I had a baby, Baby Butter, I love him so much. And with a baby I got busy. But not really. I stayed at home with him for the first few months and then later I worked nights and weekends. I could have at any point in those days paused for 10 or 15 minutes to type out a little something. I guess what held me back was the fear of turning into a "OH MY BABY DID THIS TODAY" blog. Something I really didn't want. So instead I just didn't blog. Much. Not really, a random post here and there declaring that I would indeed get back into blogging again. But it never really stuck.

Today I read stories of the funny things Peanut said and did and I asked myself why I didn't write things like this for Butter. He's funny too. Granted, Peanut was 5 when I started this blog, so why can't I pick it back up now that Butter is almost 4? Another thing holding me back is my desire to catch up. But really lengthy blogs aren't so fun to read and really, no one cares so much. I might post some old pictures I threw up on Facebook just for grins and giggles.

So here goes, initiate blog version 9.78.


Eric Castillo said...

I personally like the Blogger changes but I am one of those rare creatures that actually likes change in general.

I look forward to seeing more blogging from you and good luck finding that long lost picture! (Hint: If you can remember the title or at least some words in the title, you can enter them in the search box in the top left of the Blogger toolbar.)

Leslee said...

Once I get use to the changes I'll be fine. Until then I'll be a little freaked.

I've tried to remember what that post was about. I've searched "South Office" which was usually code for Starbucks and "Coffee" but came up without the picture. I even checked out my photobucket account but it wasn't there either. I'll find it. Someday.

Sassy Michelle said...

Looking forward to your posts, my friend!

Coasting Anon said...

Welcome back