Monday, October 17, 2005


I feel like I haven't been at work for a week. It's probably because I really haven't. Except for last Wednesday when I worked until about 3:15. I kinda wish I could take tomorrow off and just relax for a moment and do all the house cleaning chores that I haven't had the energy to do. The house isn't pitted out or anything. I've got a new vacuum so of course I had to try it out, and it sucks-which is a good thing where vacuums are concerned. I just haven't got to tackel all those other things I would like to, like the bathtub, it needs a good cleaning. And the sheets and comfortor on my bed could use a bath.... I've been going and going non-stop for days now I'm looking forward to normalcy of work. With Nickel's grandma dying our house became Grand Centeral Station for about 4 days with last Sunday as a day of rest(ie cleaning for me). Then as soon as that ended my mom showed up and away we went for our long planned vacation. Our vacation was a lot of fun! I always enjoy spending time with my mommy, however, I've been sick since they day Grandmother died. I cough and I cough and I cough some more. It was to the point where everytime I had a deep chest cough I had pain in my chest and upper arms for a couple of seconds, just pulled muscles I'm sure since the pain is gone with most of my coughs. Can you call in sick the first day after your vacation when you're actually starting to feel better? LOL, I guess I better not, there's a LOT for me to do when I get back I'm sure. Well, I guess I've talked myself into going to work and if I'm going to be worth anything tomorrow I had better get back to bed. 2 am isn't really the best time to blog when you have to go to work in a few hours.

Good night, good morning, have a great day!

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