Saturday, October 15, 2005

Waiting on Dr Pontious

"Are you waiting on Dr. Pontious" the girl said.
"Yes, is he in?" asked the woman holding two babies.
"Let me check for you....."

Tonight we're just chilling out in the living room, watching TV when in wheeled the doctor. I think she must work for Dr. Pontious. She fixes the naked babies up by washing their heads with Windex (well, until I noticed and made her put it up!).

Doc, if you're reading this, I think Peanut has forgiven you for making her take all those shots!


madcapmum said...

You made her put it up!? You've interrupted the process of surgical hygiene!

Leslee said...

Well, when she can afford her own Windex I'll let her use it!

jmpontious said...

Ok, Dr. Pontious is finally here, you know how behind I always am...but when I am with the "peanut" she always has my undivided attention...I trust that they let her look into the treasure chest...she does remember Dr. Pontious' rule...only take one when do I get to see you again for the return appointment...

One of the joys of medical practice as a family physician, is delivering the child and watching them grow before your very eyes...I knew you before you were even born...what a wondrous blessing I get to live out day in and day out...and now the peanut is playing Dr. Pontious...this is way cool