Friday, May 05, 2006

I'm so excited!

Ok, first, I know it's Friday and I haven't put up a picture, but I haven't really found one that I like yet maybe later this weekend.

Ok, now on to the real post. I have a new favorite song! I think this song has been around for at least a few minutes but I've finally found it. Ok. Let me take you back to January.

As you know (or you've probably had the sneaking suspicion), I'm a wedding coordinator. I love it! It's one of the best parts of my job. I get to deal with stressed out brides and their mothers. I've only done 6 (I think) weddings and I have 5 on the books so far for this year and two already lined up for next year. I've only cried at one wedding my whole life, and it wasn't even my own- I was too busy laughing at my then two year old niece. The wedding I cried at was on January of this year. The groom is a worship pastor and he and his best friend/man have been singing together for years, and they were awesome! Well, during this wedding the groom picked up his guitar and sang Stars Would Fall to his bride. Oh, girls (guys probably won't be that touched by it- unless you want to make your honey swoon) you have to listen to this song! But I'm getting ahead of myself. Ok, so the wedding ended they did their thing and I did mine but I was never able to ask the the groom what this song was that I'd never heard before. It made me sad, but I didn't stress out about it.

****Fast forward my life to yesterday.****

The youth pastor at the church I attend (I don't go to the church I work for) sent me information about the church camp we're taking the kids to this summer. I got online and started playing around at the website and found out that Monk and Neagle are going to be the worship leaders. Cool. Who are they? They had a website so I followed it. On the website they talk about their MySpace page. So I followed them there. Almost immediately I came to the conclusion that this is going to be a great camp experience! Before the page finished loading the song that actually made me cry at a wedding started playing! How cool was that?!?! These guys are awesome! Now go to their website! I don't know which of 4 songs will play as you get there, but if it's not Stars Would Fall you must listen to it!!!

What are you still doing here? Oh, the website, yes. Here it is. Now GO!


Janice said...

Hi Leslee,

Thank you for leaving a comment on my blog.

And I didn't hear the song or any song the Monk and Neagle myspace blog. Was I suppose to click on something?


Leslee said...

Janice, I'm sorry you didn't hear the song! Are your speakers on? The song played when I clicked the link.... Try again!

Lorna said...

maybe it was just for you Leslee I didn't hear it either :S

but I loved what you wrote.

Badoozie said...

i went, i popped a squat, i listened. i likey. perhaps you can talk theses two into some other appearences for you clients.

so. i want to hear the whole story about how you came to be a wedding coordinator. when will you be telling it?

EmmaSometimes said...

Wedding coordinator..nice. I love worship music. I love it, I love it!