Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Michelle, my oldest friend

I went shopping today at my favorite Christian Bookstore and I bought Michelle a little book for her birthday today. I even remembered to take it by the post office after Peanut's dance class. Michelle's birthday isn't until June 1st but I didn't trust myself to go back by the post office before then.

Our mothers were friends in highschool and ended up living just a few houses apart after they married, settled down, and started having babies. Because of this I can not say when Michelle and I actually became friends. We just always were.

When we were real little we would play together often but as time passed our play times got further and further apart. We had different friends, different churches, and different social circles but every year for the last 27 years we have remembered each other's birthdays.

Years ago, around the time we both ventured out into the world on our own we kept in touch by phone calls in between birthdays. We have always been so connected that when she was on my mind I was on hers. Days would go by and one of us would finally pick up the phone and we'd discover, as if my magic, the other was just about to do the same. We would talk anything and everything that was going on.

These days it's mostly just Birthday and Christmas cards that we exchange. Some years we're in the middle of the month before we remember the other's birthday has past and quickly send out a card and other years we start looking for cards the month before. But once a year we take the time and write out a year's worth of events into a single card. Michelle still pops into my mind from time time, and I wonder if even after so many years of being apart, if she's thinking of me at the same time. I like to think she is and I say a prayer for her.

Happy Early Birthday Michelle!


Aunt Jo said...

Rest assured, she thinks of you too......

I have friends like that and they are so special!

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