Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Italian cream Sodas, Ducks, and a Suspended License

Ok, where do I start? Perhaps I should start at the beginning of my morning. It was WONDERFUL! Quite. Nickel had a dentist appointment at 9:20 this morning and since work is 30ish minutes away it's easier for him to not go to work for an hour to drive back to town to drive back to work to drive back to town at the end of the day. So, he was still around this morning while Peanut and I were getting ready. I hinted to him that if he wanted to, it would be a great morning to take her for breakfast then he could drop her off at school and the DMV was across the street since he needed a new drivers license. Well, about 5 minutes later the house was empty and I was able to get ready for work at my leisure. I didn't let it go to waste either. On my way to work I stopped at my Fave-Or-Ite coffee shop and got a blue berry muffin and an Italian cream Soda. It was a great morning!

A while later Nickel called. I was expecting him to tell me how much it cost at the DMV so I could record it in the check book. Nope. He called to tell me that his license had been suspended due to some cancellation of our insurance. He couldn't get a new one and was now driving while under suspension.

Hmm... ok.

I called the DMV in Oklahoma City to find out if mine was suspended too and what we needed to do. I'm safe. Apparently if you cancel insurance within so many days the insurance company sends a letter to the DMV. The DMV then sends you a bill for driving around without insurance unless you can prove to them that you have insurance or have sold the vehicle. If you don't do this they suspend your driver's license until you pay or produce the documents.

Ok, but why didn't we know about this?

Because he never notified the DMV of our current address. You know, the house we bought almost 4 years ago! The letters went to the old address.

Ok, but we've never gone without insurance.

The insurance agent has to send in a letter verifying who he is, what vehicle is insured and how long it's been insured. My agent will be in the office in 45 minutes.

Ok, so finally I make it down to my agent, who by the way is the best in the whole world! She produces the information, writes the letter the DMV wants and faxes it to them. Then she sticks a copy in a letter, puts a stamp on it and puts it in her mail-just in case they don't get the fax. She gives me a copy just in case. Promises to check on why a letter got sent because in February we did cancel one policy but wrote a new one the same day because it was cheaper! Ok, so this will all work itself out.

Then I drove back to work and saw the cutest thing! Luckily I had my camera!

Ducks! Just walking across the parking lot. Mama and four babies. I told her they were adorable and looked just like her. I think she held her head a little higher after that! Enjoy the pictures!

I kept my distance so she wouldn't think I was a threat to her babies.


Jackie said...

Glad things got worked out! Sounds like it could have been a nightmare!!

Ayatollah Mugsy said...

I love watching the ducklings. The ayatollah compound is located near water, so we often have ducks roaming in our yard and nesting in our bushes. I can't even bring myself to bark at them, they're so darn cute. The rabbits, on the other hand ...

Mike Kear said...

Here's hoping your afternoon is uneventful!