Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Lessons from a Peanut

Hope ya'll aren't too tired of my Peanut stories, but this one is good. She's sitting here at the table teaching me all about stuff that I need to know and I thought to myself, 'This is really good stuff, I wonder if my readers know this stuff...I'll blog it for them!'

They love the cold. They love to eat fish. People feed them fish actually. They love to swim. Some penguins live in Nebraska. Nebraska is warm and cold. One part is cold and always stays cold. Half of it is just like it is in Enid. Some of them love to be in the warm and lot of them love to be in the cold. Some penguins live at the zoo. This is the sound they make "hon hon honk". They love little goldfish (she holds her fingers about 6 inches apart). They don't like to be bothered. They love to swim. African penguins love warm and cold. They live in Nebraska too. Some penguins live in South America. South American penguins love to eat any kind of fish that they catch. African penguins love to see people. Some African penguins live in Africa. African penguins sound like this "renck renck renck". They love little child because these penguins are very nice. You cannot feed penguins chocolate. The mommy and daddy penguins take turns diving in the sea and taking care of their child. Seals and Humpback Whales love to eat little penguins. Sharks are very very mean to any kind of creature. Penguins worst enemy are hawks. Hawks love to take the penguin eggs and eat them.

Sharks: They eat any kind of fish. They cannot break through metal. And if you swim near a shark they will eat you without any metal and some people catch a real shark and hanged them from in an aquarmium. That's serious! They're favorite food is seals. Whenever they loose a tooth another one grows in. It doesn't take all night it just pops in. Hammer Sharks have hammers. Hammerhead have hammers from their head and that's why they're called hammer head sharks.

Monkeys love to say "agh agh agh". Monkeys LOVE fruit. But one of their favorite fruits is bananas. They are very friendly.

Ducks says "rent rent rent". If you get near a duck and stick your finger in their face they'll bite. Their poop is very stinky. You can feed ducks bread but don't stick your fingers in their face! And another thing, they love to stick just their head in the water, not their whole body.

Bunnies love to hop. Some of them scratch and some don't. Bunnies can be white, pink, blue, white with black polka dots. Bunnies don't make any sounds.

Here's a little poem:
Here's a little bunny
That hops so funny
Here's his little hole in the ground
When he hears a noise he picks up his ears
And he hops to his hole in the ground.


Bad Alice said...

I'll have to remember the advice about ducks, and remember to hide the chocolate when I go to Nebraska to vist penguins. My DramaQueen has been teaching me about butterflies. It seems they breathe through their bellybuttons. Their curiosity and excitement in learning something new is so delighful.

Mary Beth said...

Darling! I wish I could hear her tell it!

Cindy said...

Sweet! She's a very informative and smart girl.

I learned quite a few things today.

grannyfiddler said...

the blog world is educational! i didn't know there were African penguins! or Nebraska ones either! But, one correction. Bunnies CAN make a sound. if they're very frightened or badly hurt, they scream like a person. it's a horrible, heart breaking sound.

Leslee said...

Peanut was very excited to share all this information with the world! I love it when she tells me everything she knows!

Mary Beth, perhaps some day I'll figure out how to put up sound bites so you could hear her talk like the animals, it's quite funny!

Granny, I'm not sure I want to tell Peanut about them screaming because she likes to walk through the house making all her animal sounds and i don't think my nerves could handle the bunny scream!

Mike Kear said...

She's right about Nebraska. The whole time I was there it was colder than a welldigger's shovel. I didn't see any penguins, but they were there, I'm certain!

HeyJules said...

She's right on about the ducks - they will bite your fingers ahd their poop is HORRIBLE.

Thanks for the lesson on penguins. I'll check Nebraska next time I'm up there!

Aunt Jo said...

What a gem! Did her tongue get tired from all that talking?? haha I have a daughter just like that. Knows everything about everything because her kindergarten teacher told her.

Uncle Joe LOVES penguins....I wonder if he knows they live in Nebraska??

enid enigma said...

Oh my! Isn't it wonderful having NO SILENCE in your world? I too have a daughter who loves to expound! Mostly about boys and "who likes who" these days, though. But I will cherish every Exedrin moment - because someday, she will decide that Mom doesn't need to know anything!

Wish I'd written down more of the interesting facts my Sweet Pea shared...I did find a note in my Bible this week where I'd written down one of her quotes. She said, "Insects have lots of babies, so they will have something boring to do"!

Another thing...This past Sunday - your Peanut was all curled up in your lap...remember? I pointed to you (and her) and nudged my 5'6" girl and said..."you used to do that"...She smiled a sweet smile - and then said..."want me to do it now?" What a smart aleck!

Oh yeah - and Dr. Kear...I believe you meant to say, "colder than a well-digger's fanny" - at least that's what my family says...but we have always been a bit left of center!