Saturday, December 03, 2005

Christmas Shopping

When I was little we would get these free (I THINK they were free because they weren't stuff my mom would actually buy) Christmas church plays. We never had anywhere the amount of kids that would be required to do the production but I loved to play the tape that usually accompanied the play book with all the songs in it. I got to imagine the scenes in my mind and I really enjoyed this. One of the songs have stayed with me all these years. Some of the words went something like this:

So many people pushing and a shoving
Looking for something they'll never find.
Jackie want some ice skates,
Johnny wants a radio.
I want a meal and warm place to sleep.
If that's what Christmas is then who needs Christmas?
If that's what Christmas is then who needs Christmas?
I don't, do you? No! I don't, do you? No! I don't need Christmas!

The play was about homeless children and how they learned the meaning of Christmas from a Christian who came to help them. He told the Christmas story and they acted it out with what they had around them. But these words are so true. Christmas is a time of year when we should be loving on each other but instead we get attitudes and show impatience. I was driving through the parking lot at my local grocery store the other day, actually staying in the line unlike most people. But, because of a truck blocking my path I had to move over a little bit-in "on coming" traffic. This large redheaded woman coming towards us, but still far enough away for me to go around the truck safely, threw her hands up as though to say "What the heck(probably not the word she was actually using) are you people doing" and threw me a NASTY look! It's not like the truck or myself caused a wreck of any kind. Nor did we cause her to do more then tap on her brakes (because as soon as she saw me going around the truck she sped up as though to say, look you made me use my brakes!). Why does Christmas stress people out so that they can't show some common courtesy? Maybe this woman wasn't suffering from Christmas stress, maybe she's like that all the time because she hasn't found Jesus, but it just seems that a lot of people get mean this time of year. I'd rather not have Christmas at all just to have people actually be nice to each other!


~Jennifer said...

One of my pet peeves is mean drivers. I hate getting nasty looks, or even worse, for nothing. I don't know why a stranger can hurt my feelings like that, but it does, and I wonder if they realize that.

madcapmum said...

I was shopping for my kids' winter boots yesterday, and what a lot of pinched faces in the mill around me! I'm recommending "Hundred Dollar Holiday" to everyone I run into these days.

I mean that figuratively, of course. Actually, I'm a pretty good driver, even on ice.