Monday, December 26, 2005

What I Did On My Christmas Break

I feel like I'm in third grade writing my first report of the new semester. My mind is blank. I know I did stuff. Um, we opened presents at Papa Corvette's on Thursday. This worked out well because Peanut was chomping at the bit to open presents. She got a new Barbie carring case that I'll sure to put to use... oh, I mean SHE'LL put to use, yeah, that's what I meant. Promise.

Friday Peanut and I did a quick trip around Enid and the surround country as we had a few errands to run before we could officially hit the road. We went to the farm about thirty minutes outside Enid to Nickel's grandmother's. Shared presents then came back. Peanut's been begging to get her hair cut for weeks now so with her Christmas money in hand I couldn't say no. She's not quite brave enough to let HairDresser wash her hair but after getting a trim and french braids she felt like the prettiest girl in the whole wide world. Before heading off to Tulsy-Town we let her open the presents we had picked up as well as her stocking. Last year we took them to my mother's but it seemed a little silly to pack them in the car only to return with the same things minus the paper. She of course loved opening her presents and wanted to take them all with her but I was too mean and wouldn't let EVERYTHING come.

Friday night we went to Nickel's brother's house where Nickel helped put together a new TV cabinet for their new TV. Because we hadn't been to Tulsy-Town in the last couple of weeks (not since Thanksgiving) I got to hold our new neice, Precious Neice. She's three weeks old and just perfect! No lie. She loves to cuddle and I loved cuddling with her! Peanut played nicely with her big brother making a castle out of the boxes and packing stuff the TV and cabinet came in.

Saturday is our traditional Christmas celebration with Nickel's side of the family. That morning Nickel and I went driving around while Peanut stayed with her grandma to make cookies. My mother's sister also lives in Tulsy-Town and her birthday is December 25th so we took her the little gift I had bought from one of Peanut's school fund raisers. She was so suprised to find us outside her house Saturday morning. Mostly because I've never really been able to find her house on my own without calling and saying 'where you at again' but I wanted it to be a suprise so there would be no phone calls that day. We just passed their drive way when I yelled out that that house was it! After a little Bueno (which I do NOT like) Nickel and I attempted to take naps. My attempt was much better then his because mine was sucessful. He tried to nap on the living room couch, I napped upstairs in the guest room with the door closed. My momma didn't raise no fool! By the time I woke up Precious Niece was there and needed cuddling. A couple hours later all the presents were open and everyone was excited. Peanut got her own laptop, but Barbie doesn't have internet or windows for that matter so she'll be on mine all the time. Yes, she's only 5, but she's going on 15. One of Peanut's favorite gifts came from UncleThat'sAlwaysLate, he got her snow boots that light up when she walks. She entertained everyone by singing "These boots are made for walking, and that's just what they'll do, some of the days these boots are gonna---walk---all---- over you!" She has quite the attitude while singing it. Much fun for those to hear.

We packed up the car and started singing "over the river and through the woods to grandmother's house we go..." because Nana, my mom, does in fact live over the river and in the middle of the woods. Some how Santa always finds it though, even without the city lights. I gave my mom the book I made at My Publisher and she loved it. She read it about 3 times before letting my dad read it once then read it another 3 or 400 times. Peanut went to sleep amazingly easy. My other neice and nephews hadn't shown up yet. The next morning, feeling like a little kid I woke up early. My brother and his wife were still asleep on a pop up bed in the living room but luckily earlier in the year my mother had bought a tv for my old bedroom so I watched Nick Jr until 8. Presents were all open within minutes and I made French Toast for breakfast. We had a wonderful time.

Mid-afternoon Peanut started getting crabby and we knew it was a good time to get on the road so she and I could take our naps--it's a long drive and luckily Nickel prefers for us to sleep. The house was mostly clean when we got home. I had spent the week before getting as much clutter put away so it wouldn't be so bad, but you know how it is when you travel. In the floor everything goes. Peanut was all ready to move her stuff into her room, trouble was you couldn't see her room for all the CRAP she had everywhere. I insisted she start cleaning her room before we moved stuff in. She started while I cooked an easy supper. Later I went in to help her (it really was a two person job) but before too long I insisted she take a nap, which she did, for an hour. I got LOTS done while she was in the bathtub for an hour.

Monday, today, I was able to restore our home to it's original exsistance. The tree is down, toys have been assimulated. The bathroom has been cleaned from top to bottom, my Monday chore and the laundry is right where it's suppose to be... in the laundry baskets waiting for me to put them up. Which I'll do. Just not today. Perhaps tomorrow, the bedroom is Tuesday's chore. I've skipped ahead and did Wednesday's chore of cleaning the living room, but I'm sure there will be a handful of toys that escaped from Peanut's room waiting for me then.

Ok, well, I lost count of how many words this is, but I hope it's long enough to get a A on my paper! Oh wait, this isn't third grade! Dang it.

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~Jennifer said...

Sounds like you had a great time. The my publisher site is really neat. I might have to try that out!