Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Do I have everything?

Ok, so I think I'm through packing...maybe. I've got clothes for about a week (just in case, you know), a couple of towels, wash cloths, umentionionables (I'm probably going to get some crazy google hits from saying that word), 5 pairs of shoes (I only need two, I'd prefer to wear my flip-flops but I'm just not sure how this Church Camp will welcome the tattoo on my foot so I have shoes that cover it up too), some trash bags for dirty clothes (and a few extra in case some of our kids forget), shampoo and conditioner, my tooth brush and tooth paste will get packed in the morning along with my makeup, I have two Bibles (King James Version and The Message), a 69 page print out of the lessons for the week, tape, poster board, sissors, high lighters, and pens.

Oh.. markers, need to find some markers, and an iron.

I have post-it notes, index cards, cell phone, a little cash, and my ID.

gosh, I hope I haven't forgotten anything.

Oh, medicine. I need some headache meds, vitamins, and allergy meds...

What eles?

I'm sure I'll think of it by 6 am. Right?

See ya in a few days.

1 comment:

Cindy said...

I know I packed waaaay more than I needed for our vacation but you never know what you might need, right?

Have a wonderful time!!