Saturday, June 17, 2006

Shopping, Weddings, and Vacation

I have a love/hate relationship with shopping. But my latest shopping spree was so much fun. My family and I went to Old Navy the other weekend and I wanted some new pants to take to camp next week so I grabbed some in my usual size and took them to the dressing room. Once there I tried them on. They seemed a little big. I was able to take the pants off without unbuttoning or unzipping them.

I squealed!

I had to buy a size smaller then my usual! I have a new usual! It's so exciting to loose weight!


I had a wedding nightmare today. Everything that could go wrong for this couple did. It was sad. They didn't like the gold candelabra we offer so they rented some from a local place. Neither one would stand up straight or hold the candles. So today around noon I was putting out my gold ones and wrapping as much tulle as possible around it to hide the gold. I think she hated it, but that was just too bad.

Then after everyone was gone and I was cleaning up I discovered Champaign in the dressing room.

Um, hello! This is a church. Our rules specifically say NO ALCOHOL! What part of that did you not understand? Now I understand why I couldn't get you out of the dressing room and down the aisle!!!!


I'm so glad I'm on vacation next week! Monday is my and Nickel's anniversary. I plan on cleaning house. Tuesday Peanut has a dentist appointment and will play with me the rest of the day. Wednesday I leave with the youth from my church for camp!!! I'm excited to see what it'll be like. I know it's going to be different then the one I grew up in. The following Monday I'm going to stay home by myself to clean up the mess that Nickel and Peanut will make in my absence.


Have a great weekend!


Jackie said...

my husband and I, had a strict "no alcohol before the wedding" policy, regardless of what the church's rules are. Seriously, do you really want your first kiss to have liquor on the breath?

Have a great week off!!

madcapmum said...

Happy anniversary!

I used to play piano for weddings... oy veh!

Badoozie said...

i think if you have alcohol before your wedding, its a clear sign, you are making a mistake? i mean, COME ON. if you are marrying the person of your dreams, no alcohol is required.

Girl said...

Congrats on your anniversary (and your new pants)!! Have fun this week!


averagedrinker said...

i'm not yet married, but i have plans with my boyfriend for next year. my guy friend from wealthymendotcom went up to me and ask me for help since i ama wedding planner. i did their wedding and her wife had all praises for me. it was great that they loved what i planned.

Leslee said...

Congratulations averagedrinker. I know it's an awesome feeling when you know you've done a great job.