Sunday, June 11, 2006

Summer Time

I realize I haven't sat down and actually talked to you lately. I've been pretty busy and I thought I'd take a few moments on this glorious Sunday to tell you what's going on before I get my grungy clothes on and start the much needed house work.

I've been on a new "diet" for the last 35 days or so. I say "diet" like that because it's really about life change and not just a fad diet. It's a series of biblical lessons at Setting Captives Free. I actually started it back in November but quickly abandoned it because I thought it (the fasting schedule) was too hard. Then a friend I know through my work started it and needed an accountability partner so I started over on day 5 because that was the day she was up to. I still struggled in the beginning because my flesh didn't want to give up any food but then I started learning about the freedom we have in Christ and it clicked in my mind. I have learned so much about my sin of gluttony through this course and am looking forward to the next 20 or so days left in the course. In total (since November) I've lost 7 pounds but I've doubled my exercise AND most importantly I've tripled my time with God. That's one of the reasons I haven't been around as much.

Along with my new "diet" I've been exercising more. At the church I work at we have a gymnasium with a walking track on the second floor. Throughout the day I try to get in 8-15 laps. 15 laps = 1 mile. I've also been taking my dog on a mile walk around the neighborhood at night.

The first year of dance officially ended on the 3rd with out final performance. However, because I didn't want to give up on the exercise I so enjoyed I signed up for Pilates on Wednesday nights and Jazz on Thursday nights during the summer. Last week was our first week and I loved both classes. There were only four people in the pilates so our teacher could watch each of us to make sure we had our form down right. And all the people in my Jazz class were familular faces which made it that much more fun.

Next, the last time I was at church camp was 8 years ago and basically I just spent the nights there since I was working full time. I missed out on the Bible lessons each day, the swimming and recreation, but was there for church services each night and discussed anything with the girls in my dorm as needed. I realized last year after listening to Doc talk about the Church Camp they experience that year just how much I really missed it. This year I asked if they needed any female sponsors and as a matter of fact they could use me. We leave on the 21st for four days in Missouri and I'm getting more excited by the minute. I started looking at the lessons yesterday. The theme is Phroneo Christou or The Attitude of Christ. I know it's not like the camp I grew up and was a counselor in (that one still doesn't have air conditioning) but it's still the same concept.

I hope your summers are filled with things you love to do. I'll post as often as I can and I'll check in on you when time permits, but if you don't see me for a few days try not to worry (ha!).


Badoozie said...

thanks for the newsy post, it sounds like you will be busy this summer, but in good productive ways!

Sally said...

wow-sounds like you have been very busy- well done on the weight loss- sounds like a re-focus on God than a concerted effort to stay away from food has been the answer- I wonder what would happen is we applied that to more areas of our life???

Mel said...

Congratulations on your weight-loss (and other good stuff).