Friday, October 20, 2006

What will I do?

Oh, this is a once in a life-time post I am sure. So Peanut is in Tulsa playing with her Grandma until Sunday. Thank you Jesus for Fall Break! And tomorrow morning Nickel's leaving for Kansas City. He's going with a bunch of guys from work to go watch a Chief's game.

So, for the first time since...well, let me think...since the end of April 1999, I will be home alone tomorrow.

I hesitated posting about this because I don't know if ya'll are stalkers, but then I thought, why would anyone stalk me? I mean, come on, this is me we're talking about. And are stalkers really bright enough to find and read my blog if I never use my or my family's really real names? I talk about Enid, but it's a pretty big town and most of Enid doesn't know where I live so why would any of you, especially since most of my readership is in the northwestern part of the US and Southwestern part of Canada. Hmm... did I have a point to all this?

Oh, yes I did.

Ok, so I need your help. I tried to talk AJ into coming for a visit, but she has to go get Cheese and stuff from the Indians so that's a no go.

I thought about painting my living room while Nickel was gone (I usually do a "while you were out" project when he's gone like this- last time I bought and built a bookshelf, hung up some shelves and pictures). But I can't decide on a color. I thought about painting two of Peanut's walls pink because she beggs every chance she gets for a pink room (it's purple with lots of pink stuff in it). But because of the wreck totalling my car, having to buy a new car, TT&L for the new car, and a $144 "failure to yeild" ticket, I'm a little short on blowing money, so that's a no go.

My only other options for this weekend are
1. Shampooing the carpets in my house. It's needed, but gee, when am I ever going to have a whole day to myself?
2. Lounging on the couch in my pjs watching Pride and Prejudice, Emma, Just Like Heaven, Sweet Home Alabama, 2 Weeks Notice, 40 First Dates, and all the other chick flicks I have. But that almost seems like a waste of a perfectly good day that I could get "something" accomplished.

So, readers (READ: THE POINT) what should I do on my 1-day-this-might-not-happen-again-for 20-years-so-make-the-best-of-it-day off from being a mom and wife?


Badoozie said...

i think you should sit at the front window and watch for stalkers....

Anonymous said...

Well, I know what I'm going to be doing this weekend - checking out Google Earth for Leslee's house number....

No really, you should shampoo a carpet and then sit back and watch Pride and Prejudice. That way you'll satisfy your conscience and reward yourself too. Don't shampoo the whole house though. That's overkill, and you won't have time or energy left for the movie.

Have fun, whatever you do!

jo(e) said...

Stupid blogger was acting up yesterday and wouldn't let me comment.

But I was voting for you to do NO WORK AT ALL.

I think it's really important sometimes to do nothing, to just spend time relaxing, enjoying yourself.

uncle joe said...

Well, I'm late to this party but you still have a couple of hours left in your day, so you could:

1)Stalk someone else.
2)Go over to Jenn's and wish her a happy birthday.
3)Shop for MY birthday and MY Christmas
4)Call my wife and find out why we ain't gettin' no cheese...

That should keep you busy til midnight...

Cindy said...

Inquiring minds want to know...what you decided on?

Ayatollah Mugsy said...

Alas, I am too late to offer my life-altering advice.

Girl said...

Do one small productive thing so you don't feel guilty...then spend the rest of the day eating ice cream and watching movies :)

Leslee said...

Susie, I'd watch for stalkers, but I'm pretty sure you were too busy to stalk me.

Madcap, Pride and Prejudice it is!

Jo(e), relaxing sounds like what the doctor ordered!

Uncle Joe, no cheese? I do need to call your wife and find out what happend. I have stopped by Jenn's and wished her a happy birthday. I don't know when yours is so, too bad.

Cindy, next post, I promise.

Mugsy, you are never too late to ofer life-altering advice. I look forward to hearing what you think I should do next time!

Girl, icecream. I knew there was something I was missing!

Aunt Jo said...

Joe's bday is May 27th.

OT killed me for my cheez!! dang it