Saturday, January 07, 2006

A Beginning and An End

Today was my fourth wedding as a wedding coordinator. This one was by far the best! Weddings don't make me cry, not even my own, but this one touched me. The family was awesome and willing to help out so much. The bride and the groom were so gracious and loving. I had a wonderful day and enjoyed every minute...except the last few of being in my high heeled shoes but not because of anything had said, done, or not done.

Just as I was fixing to leave my family called and requested I bring home supper. I was more then willing to oblige. I stopped at our favorite Mexican resturant and got our favorite foods and came home.

But before we could sit down to eat my husband's phone rang. Within moments we learned that our dear friend Tony had recently passed away. Tony is the only person on this planet that my husband willingly allowed to pray with him when we were going through the darkest time of our lives. Tony was great friend and will be missed.


Cindy said...

Are you referring to Tony Weston? It's sad, isn't it? Hard to figure but we have to trust God to lead us along the path that He wants for us. I just hate it when a person's path ends so soon.

Leslee said...

Yes, that's the Tony I was referring to. I am as sure as I can be that Tony is right where he always wanted to be, with his God! I just liked having him around down here. But perhaps he'll put in a good word for us up there!

Puzzled said...

Oh Leslee...I'm sorry. Very sorry.