Saturday, January 07, 2006

The HouseKeeper

I fired the House Keeper today. She just wasn't keeping up like I want her to. The new one starts tomorrow. That is if my feet.... um... I mean.... HER feet feel better then they do right now. Yeah, that's it. SHE has really sore feet from being in dressy sandles for the last two days while working a wedding....

Here is the list of things I require my housekeeper to keep up with:

Sunday: Assist Princess Peanut in cleaning her room. Princess Peanut cannot remember day to day that clean clothes go in the dresser and dirty ones in the clothes hamper so each article of clothing will have to pass the smell, sight, and memory test to see where ALL the clothes on her floor go. Also toys find themselves outside the toy box on a regular basis, these must return to their home so that Princess Peanut can vacuum, her favorite chore.

Monday: The Bathroom. Clean the bathtub, toilet, sink. Sweep and mop. Mop the front entry way while the mop is out. Check supplies, write down low supplies on list in kitchen. Restock if necessary from supplies in hall closet.

Tuesday: Master Bedroom. Change sheets, fold and put away clean laundry. Put dirty laundry in laundry room. Pick up Nickel's dirty clothes because even though the hamper is in the bedroom next to the door where it's been for the last 7 years he can't seem to ever find it. Put jewlery away. Watch not so good TV and wish the DVR was in there for days like this.

Wednesday: Living Room. Princess Peanut can help out in this room because 9/10's of it is hers. She can also vacuum. This is handy because only 30 minutes is alloted for the Living Room, the rest of the evening is spent at church.

Thursday: Dining Room. I never actually seem to get into this room, well except to blog but I can't clean and blog at the same time. Oh, and neither can the House Keeper... Goals for this room are to actually find the dining room table once a week. Princess Peanut can again vacuum.

Friday: Kitchen. Though the dishes have been washed once or twice during the week all dishes must be clean before bedtime. Counter tops wiped down. Plants watered. Floor vacuumed... yes, I have crappy carpet in my kitchen but hopefully I'll get a wood floor put in someday!

Saturday: Laundry Room. Though laundry was done off and on throughout the week it must be finished and removed from this room today. Machines wiped down from lent and floor swept and mopped.

Why did I fire the last House Keeper? Well, she starts off the week great, but never can make it past the living room. Perhaps I should change it up for the next one? I'll let you know how she turns out. But she looks a lot like the last one... could they be related?


the sojourning pilgrim said...

Don't you just love the new year - new opportunities, new resolutions. Good luck on the housekeeping - cathartic, cleansing activity.

madcapmum said...

Sounds like you've been listening to that Fly Lady gal!

Leslee said...

I had to fire the Fly Ladies too. They sent out 30,290,303,343 emails a day and I just couldn't keep up. I've taken what I could from them and will just have to rely on myself to fill in the gaps.

~Jennifer said...

Don't be too hard on your new housekeeper. I'm sure she's a gem!