Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Name three things

So Friday night when we assembled ourselves into the meeting room we were told to pick out one piece of candy from this dish, but not eat it. Later we were to meet up with the one or two other people that chose the same candy. Once in our little groups we had to find three things we had in common. Not hard for me and the lady that chose the Kisses. I use to work for her before she closed her shop. We went around the room telling everyone the three things we had in common. Soon we got to this pair of older ladies. Their list was 1.) they were both widows 2.) they were both great grandmas 3.) (the first one said to the other) I don't remember the last one do you? (the second on) no, you were suppose to remember

So we asked them if the third thing was short term memory loss. No, no, they said that wasn't it they insisted. We were laughing hysterically! We finally decided to skip them and when they thought of it we would come back to them.

About thirty minutes later one of the ladies shouted out, "Oh yeah, I remember!" We were all laughing remembering our short term memory joke when she said, "we're both dating younger men!" Needless to say it was several minutes before order returned to our room.


HeyJules said...

That is hysterical! Thanks for sharing the giggle. : D

Girl said...

Hee hee...too funny ;)