Friday, January 20, 2006

RevGal Friday Five: Pleasures

Please tell us five pleasures in your life, be they small or be they guilty. Feel free to list them here in the comments, or to point us to your blog if you post there.

1. A large Davinci's Mocha... just because I don't usually spend $4 on a something to drink
2. Soaking in a hot bath reading a book while a little girl is begging for attention outside
3. A day spent on the couch in my pajamas watching tv. I have a DVR that records something like 10 different shows (including General Hopsital, all the CSIs, Numbers....) and ALL the times they come on so at any given time I might have 30 shows saved to watch.
4. A day off from work spent ALONE in my house (usually doing number 3)
5. Werther's Originals- Chewy... I can eat a whole bag in one sitting (I usually don't buy them)


HeyJules said...

Combine 2,4 & 5 and THAT's a perfect day!

madcapmum said...

Hmm, five pleasures shouldn't be hard for a hedonist like meself...

1. Tea in the morning. First thing, hot, in a fine-china mug.

2. Sex

3. Good chocolate.

4. Massage.

5. Fabric, especially high-quality, tightly woven cotton. Or good cotton flannel.

Leslee said...

2. Sex.

In between tea and chocolate