Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Another story of Peanut's love life

I love it when 5 year olds are in love.

As you may recall back in December Poke's Fan proposed to Peanut. She turned him down flat, but they've remained amiable (though from time to time they fight like brother and sister). Today it seems that he has given up on Peanut ever changing her mind and has asked Hallie to marry him. She has agreed. They plan to get married in Jamaica and then attend Texas Tech. (I'm not making this up! This is what he told Peanut on the way to kindergarten today- thier bus driver retold the conversation to me). Peanut, not wanting him to think she'll die without his attention was quick to point out that two boys in her kindergarten class have crushes on her. One sits next to her.

I might have to have a conversation with the teacher.

I asked Peanut this afternoon if either of them or if both of them were her boyfriend. She said no. I think she's playing hard to get. I asked her if she liked anyone. Again, she said no but her best friend Curly Hair Girl has a boyfriend in her kindergarten class. I don't know yet if a boy will ever cause her to settle down. I'll keep you posted though.

P.S. I think Peanut is the only kid on the planet that jumps up and down excitedly when told we're having meat loaf for supper.


madcapmum said...

Now, how did that kid come by a name like Poke's Fan?

I wish I had such definite, concrete goals. Wouldn't that simplify matters?

Leslee said...

Madcap, it'd make more sense if you were in Oklahoma. One of our schools, Oklahoma State University's mascot is Pistol Pete- a cowboy. Cowboys are sometimes called Cowpokes or Pokes for short. This little boy is a big fan of the Cowboys hence the "Poke's Fan" nickname.

Girl said...

Oooo...meatloaf...I jump up and down for it, but that is because the boy makes the best meatloaf ever!!

Of course, I don't think I liked it when I was Peanut's age.

eija said...

Have you ever heard of a kid that does the jumping for baked salmon ("red fish")?

My miss-5 does. If I had given her a choice, she wouldn't have eaten anything else since she was maybe 3 years old.

Leslee said...

That's too funny!