Friday, September 02, 2005

Friday thoughts

Every time I turn on the tv I am overwhelmed with emotions (both good and bad) by all that is happening in the wake of Katrina. In just a matter of minutes these people lost everything they hold near and dear. Even if they were able to return to their homes within the next week everything would be lost. Family pictures, precious heirlooms, that handmade quilt that great-grandma made back in...

We as Americas spend all our money on stuff and in just a matter of moments everything is gone. Why then, after experiencing and seeing such tragedies do we still invest all our time and money into stuff?

But in the midst of my sadness I see a glimmer of God at work. Thousands of people are out there trying to help. I stopped in for coffee this morning and the tip jar had a sign saying that all the tips were going to be donated to victims of Katrina. The church I work for is taking money to be sent to Bay Area Christian Church in Houston who is committed to feeding 2 meals a day to the refugees of this tragedy who have been relocated to their area- it costs them over $500 a meal to feed these people and I'm sure the price will be increasing as more people are brought there. The radio station I listen to are taking CARDS FOR KATRINA -such as gas cards, walmart gift cards, pharmacy cards, etc. I've heard of groups of friends that will be relocated together to live for a while with willing families so they have the support of their friends and the support of new friends all together. I've heard about different agencies like the United Way and Red Cross that are taking money and supplies. People, God's people, want to help. I pray today that God will lead you to the place he needs you the most. Maybe you can't much, but even you can put $2 in a tip jar.

Psalms 10:12 Arise Lord! Lift up your hand, Oh God. Do not forget the helpless.

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