Tuesday, September 13, 2005

One of those days...

You know that feeling you get when you know you're suppose to be SOMEWHERE today for SOMETHING with SOMEONE but you don't really know where,what, or who? Yeah, I've felt like that ALL day long. What's wrong with me. Maybe I'm just on activity overload. I've checked the calendars.... everyone that I can find (at home, my 2 office calendars - one for office stuff and one for wedding stuff, yahoo... and zilch!). And not a single one of them mention anything that I'm suppose to be doing today. So why don't feel relieved? Peanut (my baby) has ballet tomorrow and I have church and choir practice. Thursday Peanut and I are going to dance (yeah, I think I'm going back, but it's only Tuesday, I have a couple of days to back out). Friday is soccer practice again and then it's the weekend! Saturday I'm cleaning carpets (they need it and I've GOT to do it before the weather gets yucky and can't keep the doors open and fans on while they dry). Sunday after church we're going to meet my parents at my brother's house to hand over a car we had rebuild for them.... I guess with a schedule THIS busy I just can't believe there's NOTHING to do tonight. But I'm still not convinced that I'm not forgetting SOMETHING. See why I crave alone time?!?!?

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