Monday, September 26, 2005

What's her name?

At the church where I work I am the Numbers Girl. Sometimes I am also called Money Bags (though the bags are NOT mine). The secretary, she's the Letters Girl. You have probably noticed in my blogs that I don't always spell words correctly and it doesn't really bother me either.

Today I was standing at the secretary's desk discussing the meeting the pastor and I were just in with a bride and her mother. The secretary asked me "how do you spell this name" as she handed me an attendance card from Sunday morning. Pastor walked up and was going through his mail talking on his cell phone. I made my guess Landranch, Lanfanch, Landanch...(I use to work with a bunch of mechanics and had to read their writing so I got pretty good at reading chicken scratch). Then I looked, she had an email address, I suggested she email the girl and ask. Then I noticed she was a guest of the pastor's wife so I handed the card to him and asked who it was.

Since he had been on the phone most of the time I was guessing he didn't hear me say it was a guest of his wife so he tried to read the chicken scratch. After several guesses he said, well they have a Texas address. The secretary, with a perplexed look said, "So, you don't know who your wife brought to church?"
"My wife?" He was lost.
"Yeah," we said, "this person was a guest of your wife." And pointed to the part of the card that said that.
"Well the only person that we brought was Jennifer...who's first name is the same as this persons...." Light bulbs started going off. "Oh, THAT'S our new sister-in-law (almost, not quite married yet)." He called his wife, she didn't know her last name either.

We gave up trying to figure out what her name is now and put the name she'll be in few weeks in our computer system. Good enough.


Mike Kear said...

Leslee, you're making me laugh (thanks, I need to laugh).

Leslee said...

Always happy to share a laugh!

Cindy said...

That's funny. I'm the numbers girl AND the letters girl at my church. (slowly moving into just being the numbers girl) I go through the deciphering handwriting every week. Getting pretty good at it after nearly 8 years.