Thursday, September 15, 2005

Think Autism Think Cure

This is my nephew, Caleb. Isn't he adorable? He "has beautiful eyes. A Goofy sense of humor. Lots of hugs to give. Autism." He is a most amazing and interesting little boy! Caleb is 6 and in the first grade this year. He spends most of his day in the regular classroom. Caleb's mom works especially hard to make sure he doesn't fall through the cracks of society. Some children get away with just pointing and grunting for things they want, but not Caleb. His mom has helped him by saying "I.." and he fills in the blanks "I...want some tea!" or "I...want a cookie" but my favorite is "I... Love You!" These prompts are becoming fewer though. Now Caleb usually says I...I... I... until he has your attention and if you don't get it for him right away he takes your chin, looks you in the eyes and says "I want to tell you what he wants." Caleb loves to draw and has created some masterpieces of his favorite characters, like Buzz Lightyear and Woody from Toy Story. On occasion they appear on his wall where they have to be "erased."

When Caleb was 2 he started spelling words with his magnets that he had seen. His first word was Matthew. We think it was because he had seen it in the Bible. He doesn't have any friends or family with that name. He learned his name soon after that. As you can see in the picture above he spelled Buzz Lightyear. Caleb insists on watching all the opening credits of movies and gets very agitated if someone tries to fast-forward through them!

For more information on Autism please visit the National Autism Association today.

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