Sunday, September 18, 2005

God's Grace and Mercy

Well folks, it's been quite a day, quite a day. This morning, went to church, wonderful service, as always. Got home around noon, chowed down on a cold grilled cheese sandwich and loaded up the car for a mini road trip.

My husband works for a salvage yard and a couple of weeks ago he came across a Mercury Grand Marquis that a little old lady had plowed into her house with (she was fine and so was the car for the most part). Her children decided that she really didn't need to drive anymore and sold the car to another salvage yard. My husband asked my mother if she would like to buy it. He would fix what was wrong with it of course. My mother drives a Buick Regal that only stays on the road because of God's Grace. What can I say, He likes my mother (as does everyone that meets her). This car has been in a couple of accidents, sometimes won't start for no appearant reason, and the dash lights won't work if the headlights are on... but God likes my mother and get her to and from work. So my mother agreed to the the "new" car and paid less then $2000.

Today was the day we were meeting at my brother's house (he lives about half way between both of us and it seemed a good place to meet--plus my neice's birthday is next Saturday so this gave us a reason to bring presents and eat cake). We left our comfy home around 12:30/12:45 heading east towards Tulsa.

We made it as far as just west of Keystone Dam when all of a sudden my husband, driving the Marquis in front of me, pulled over and stopped. I quickly changed lane and pulled in behind him. He got out, lifted the hood and stood there. My husband is a smart guy and very handy to have around when it comes to cars and trucks.... unless they're Fords (or in this case Mercurys). I got out and asked him what was wrong. "It just died" he said to me. We waited a few minutes and it started right up. "Please dear God, get us to safety...." we drove on a little bit more... now we were on the long bridge over Lake Keystone.... and we pulled over again "No God, not on the bridge, it isn't safe here." A couple minutes later we started again..... Then coming down a hill (yeah, there are hills over in Eastern Oklahoma, real pretty too) it died again. This time we waited about 10/15 minutes to let the car cool off... even just a little bit so we could hopefully make it to a gas station or a NOT so busy highway where cars zoomed past us at 70+ miles per hour. Another couple of dies later we arrived at a gas station.

Did you know that if you want to help a car cool down a little faster you can buy a bag of ice and place it on the motor? I wouldn't have thought of that. We hung out at the gas station for around 45 minutes. Nickel made some phone calls. Peanut chewed some bubble gum and I sat or stood there helplessly.

God has placed people in our lives to help us get from point A to point B. All we have to do is talk to these people and ask for help. One of the phone calls Nickel was to his boss back home. Boss man has friends in Sand Springs (just west of Tulsa and about 7 miles from where we were at). When the car had had time to cool off we drove to Benny's house. Benny has a garage. Benny built his own motor home, drag car, etc. Benny wasn't home. We left the car anyway.

We went on to our destination, an 8 year old's birthday party. We got there 2 hours later then scheduled, hot, and very disappointed. We wanted to present my momma, this wonderful warrior for God, with her new car. It didn't happen. Not yet anyway. Nickel called Boss Man back to let him know that Benny wasn't home. Boss Man called Benny (who was home at this point) and explained the situation. No problem said Benny, can't start on it tonight, have church. I can respect a man for putting God before a strange woman's car, ANYTIME.

Our most kind and precious Heavenly Father, I come humbly before you tonight and thank you for taking such good care of us today. For showing your Grace and your Mercy. Thank you for placing us within reach of help and helping us to reach for it. Lord, I so wanted this gift to be on my time, but you showed me today, that only Your time is perfect. Please forgive me of my arrogance and ignorance. Lord, You have given these people, who wouldn't have had a chance to show their kindness and mercy to us, a chance to bless us and because of this I ask that you bless them 10 fold. Thank you. Thank you. Thank YOU!
In Jesus holy and precious name, Amen.


Arlene said...

Hey Leslee! I did write that song a few years ago. I have the tune in my head, but I'm afraid I wouldn't do it much justice if I tried to sing it! I enjoyed being a part of the choir when we visited & if you guys are short next time, I'd love to join you again.

I'm curious to know if Benny was able to fix the car...

Leslee said...

Arlene! Thanks for visiting my blog. We haven't spoken to Benny yet this morning to know if he thinks he can fix it. I will keep the blog posted!

the sojourning pilgrim said...

I love the way you write. Your stories are really interesting. I think there's a future in this for you - publishing and stuff. Really.

Funny story.

Leslee said...

Oh sojourning pilgram, I'm already planning on coming to church tonight, you don't have to butter me up! Well... I take that back, who doesn't like a little butta'?