Tuesday, September 20, 2005

Mom's new car

Well, the car is still in Sand Springs this morning. Nickel spoke with Benny, who with Danny (another of Boss Man's car doctor friends-a Ford Specialist) perfromed many test, doing extensive blood work, an ekg, and a MRI, finally diagnosed the car . It suffers from bad fuel pump -- just like Nickel thought. Medicine can't fix this problem. No, the only solution is to perfrom an open tank-fuel pump-transfer. This is a tricky operation because all fuel must be cut off from the pump and the fuel tank must be removed to have access to the pump. Surgery is scheduled for later today.


madcapmum said...

Gosh, sounds serious. Is it local or general anasthetic? To whom is it administered?

Leslee said...

To clean the wounds they will be using Carb Cleaner, there will be no anasthetic administered due to the riskiness of the nature.