Monday, February 13, 2006

Another you?

Ok,MadCapMum has me thinking about the personalities we project on our blogs. In real life I don't know many strangers. I'm almost always smiling when I'm talking to people and if I'm not smiling I'm at least making eye contact and trying my hardest (sometimes easy sometimes not so much) to focus on what is being said. But here in cyber space you can't see my smile, you can't see my eye contact. But does my writing get that point across?

Am I able to project my true personality to those of you that don't really know me? Well, how can you strangers actually answer that if you don't know me. A couple of you I do know in Real World, do you think I'm the same online and off? Do you try to project the true you to the rest of cyber world or have you created an alterego that you wish you were?

Does Bruce Wayne really equal Batman? Does Leslee of Enid America really equal Leslee of Fresh Cut Flowers? Is there really a pug out there that blogs? Ok, I think that's enough questions to get a good conversation going.


Mike Kear said...

For me, you come across on your blog much like you do in the real world. But that leads to another thought. I wonder if that is because I am projecting what I know about you in real life on to your blogging.

Sally (Eternal Echoes) said...

Interesting thought that, I don't know you in the real world and have only just read a bit of your blog, but you come across as warm and caring, so probably smiling...I wonder too if there is a sense that we are more real when blogging, cyberspace is a safe place to put down the masks we might normaly wear, or conversley is it a place where we can develop an alter-ego???For me there is a bit of truth to both of those!!!

HeyJules said...

What an interesting topic! I'm not sure who you are in real life but I'd come hang out with you if I had the opportunity!

Leslee said...

Mike that is an intersting thought, but you probably know me a lot better then you normally would have if we didn't blog together. I mean there's only so much you learn about other people in church while you're in Sunday School and Worship.

Sally, you have delurked! Thanks for coming in. I'm glad that I do come off as warm and caring. And I think you're right, we can pull the masks down but also put others up and who's to know.

Jules, I'd call you for lunch if you lived just a little closer!

Pilot Mom said...

I would hang with Leslee, the question is would you hangout with us oldies? ;)

I perceive you being warm and funny. If you came across cold and heartless I wouldn't stop here.

It would be wonderful if we all could meet just once and it wouldn't cost us any money to do it.

madcapmum said...

You seem really unguarded in your blog, and by the sounds of things, that's who you are in "real" life, too.

Love ya, babe!

Leslee said...

Claire, my husband is 10 years older then me! Most of my friends are in their 30's and 40's and maybe even older but I wouldn't really notice. Friends are friends. I too wish we could all meet for free.

Thanks Mum!