Sunday, February 26, 2006

Sunday Potpourri


1.A mixture of dried flower petals and spices used to scent the air.
2.A miscellaneous anthology or collection: a potpourri of short stories and humorous verse.
3.A combination of incongruous things

Hee hee hee... Ok, I think it's funny when your blog's name is FRESH CUT FLOWERS and the subject title is potpourri and you're NOT talking about definition #1.

I want to give a shout out to Parker, who might be my youngest reader! I'm glad to hear I can make you laugh!

To Mike, Tj, Doc Pontious, we missed you today! There were only three of us in Sunday School today. Come back next week!!!!

There will be a slight change to the Friday Caption Contest for the next 6 or so weeks. I'm going to end it on Monday instead of Sunday. Hey, I said it was slight! I'll tell you more about it later in the week when I talk about lent. And THANK YOU to everyone who participates. I know how much I enjoy reading the captions you all come up with. Who knew you could be so creative and funny!

Have a wonderful Lord's day everyone! See ya around the blogsphere tomorrow.


EmmaSometimes said...

monday ees gut for mee! I have to make you a button for Friday Captions so people can link to your blog. Id put one on mine.

I'll make it flowery and see what you think of it..

Leslee said...

That sounds wonderful Emma!