Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Where's my EYE

Hmm... today my keyboard fell n the floor. Ever snce no longer have the letter ... oh can't type t because t won't type... 'll spell t out f you haven't fgured t out yet t's the letter "eye"

Can type the rest of my lfe wthout the letter eye?

Dd you really notce before sad anythng?

LOL... just another part of my "wonderful" day.


HeyJules said...

Leslee, this was hysterical! I just really love the way you think up such original stuff.

Now see, if it was me, I would be sitting here wondering if God wasn't trying to tell me something...

Yeah, I'm THAT paranoid!!!

And WELCOME to the Lenten Prayer blog! One week to go and already we're 22 people strong!

Leslee said...

Hey Jules! I got the I back!

I can't wait for lent...well, I'll miss my pop (which I'll be giving up among other things) but it's for a good reason!

jo(e) said...


Or perhaps th!s would work even better. Th!s !s a more exc!t!ng opt!on. !t looks the same, just ups!de down.

Leslee said...

Joe !'d have to retra!n my bra!n but ! th!nk ! can do !t. The only problem would be my coworkers wonder!ng why !'m not us!ng the ! at work where my ! works...


Plus, would people get use to me wr!t!ng all my !s l!ke ! would they ever know when ! was us!ng an excl!mat!on po!nt at the end of my sentence? !t m!ght just confuse them. Oh wa!t, ! could use the / as my excl!mat!on po!nt////

Girl said...

Huh...Good luck w!th that.


Cindy said...

I'm trained to notice these things.

Glad to see you got your "i" back! It's things like this that make life interesting.

madcapmum said...

!'m voting for the "!" opt!on! How Thr!ll!ng!/// How Leslee///

EmmaSometimes said...


Next time you can just cut and paste away and no one would know the difference. hehe.

I can make a banner for you if you would like. What colors are you looking for? (I also did the black white collage I had on earlier)

PhotoImpact and IrfanView are my favorite programs!!

Pilot Mom said...

Leslee, you crack me up, girl! :D

eija said...

Leslee, oh you got it back... I was prepared to give you some:
and capital ones:

Well, guess you won't need them now :)

The wr!t!ng w!th the exclamat!on po!nt... Read!ing !t makes me feel as !f ! had the h!ckups!


Leslee said...

h!ckups! That !s what !t's l!ke!


Leslee said...

JBEmma, I want some pretty daisy flowers, roses, tulips,

Flowers Flowers Flowers!