Tuesday, February 28, 2006


Ok, here's the scoop. I've given something up for lent for the past two years and will do so again this year. It has become a little tradition of my own to give up soda. This is hard because I love my cherry coke from Sonic and my favorite dessert is a coke float. I usually make it half way through lent with no problem but Satan starts tempting me the second half.

Last year with the soda I gave up chocolate. This was a dumb move on my part. Women should NOT give up chocolate unless they have to for medical reasons! I never knew just how much chocolate there was out there. I couldn't have a chocolate birthday cake. Peanut couldn't either (because of the way lent fell). I couldn't have a hot fudge sunday nor chocolate chip cookies. I couldn't have kisses on valentines day or a million other things. I won't be doing that again any time soon. I managed to go the 40 days and 6 Sundays without it, but not without whining about it the whole time.

That brings us up to this year, this lent. Again, like in the past, I'm going to give up my precious pop. I've heard from several people that if you go without pop for a while and then try the diet stuff the switch is easier because you taste buds have almost forgotten how good the real stuff is. I think I'll try that. We'll see how that goes. But also, I've learned a few things about lent in the past few weeks. I've learned that it's not just about making the sacrifice but stopping to pray everytime you want what you've given up. This year I've joined a wonderful group of bloggers atForty Days to Forever- A Lenten Prayer Blog . This is a wonderful blog filled with prayer. There are something like 26 contributers. Some might post a prayer daily, some might weekly. Whatever the case might be we are praying, together during this time of lent.

The second part of my sacrifice during lent is my home computer. Tonight when I go to bed I am turning off the computer and it will stay off until Easter. What this doesn't mean is that I'm going to disappear until Easter. Now, it just means that I'll be limited to my work hours to blog and check emails. But ONLY after my work is done. Think lunch break. So, yes, this changes the Friday caption contest slightly. I will put the picture up on Friday like normal, but since I won't be checking my email or the blog over the weekend I'll post my favorites on Monday.

Also, I'll probably be commenting less on your blogs just because I'll be limited in time. This doesn't mean I won't read them because how could I not?!?! I just might not have time to post my witty remarks, but I might, we'll see.

Ok, that's it for now. Tomorrow I'm going to have pictures of baby kitties to share with the group!!!


Girl said...

Blessings on you, Leslee.

BTW - when you give up diet soda for a period of time and go back to it, it tastes AWFUL...my guess is that works for soda in general. we are all so addicted to it, that if we only stepped away from it for a little bit we would realize how gross it really is.

Of course, I still suck Diet coke down like it is water...so my example is not one to actually be followed ;)

EmmaSometimes said...

It's always a good thing to remind our 'flesh' who is the Boss. :o)

Pilot Mom said...

I love coke floats too! Mine...chocolate ice cream and classic coke! :) Yummmm.... sorry, I don't mean to tempt you...

I just absolutely detest diet coke even with lime, lemon...whatever. I LOVE coke, cherry coke etc. It is so very hard since I'm diabetic and I still indulge...not like a I used to...but still.

Leslee said...

Mmm... Cherry coke from sonic... yum! Or have you ever had them put creme in a coke? Taste like a float without the icecream!

I'm going to have one tonight and say goodbye.lol

It doesn't look like the diet stuff is as accepted by us real-stuff drinkers.

You're right Emma, our flesh needs to know just WHO is boss!

Leslee said...
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madcapmum said...

Leslee, my dear! Take it from a Catholic - Sundays are DAYS OFF during Lent! What kind of ascetic are you?!

see-through faith said...

in europe we feel that the additives in the diet sodas might be carcenogenic.

but I drink Pepsi Max
I haven't had a cola float since I was a kid... Easter Sunday that will be the treat for the whole family, after Roast lamb I think :)

be blessed

the sojourning pilgrim said...

I'm so glad that you've been grafted into another blog for this season.

Leslee said...

See-Through-Faith, go make you a cola float!!!

Mum, I know that you can take Sundays off, but I'm going for the whole thing. Sundays and all.

It'll be intersting and I'll try not to whine the whole time!

Doc, thank you.

will smama said...

Leslee, I have decided to join you. Our computer is located in the room next to where my family hangs out. This Lent I choose to hang out with them. For me this means no checking my work email and NO blogging (posting or reading blogs). Thank you for the idea.

Now the question is how strong is my addiction. Will I walk across the parking lot in order to NOT use my home computer but instead come use the one at work?

Aunt Jo said...

Give up Chocolate?!! I would cry, but I admire you tenacity that you can do it. Praying when the urges hit IS the key I do believe. You go girl.

If i were you I would give up Spam.