Thursday, February 02, 2006

Thursday Thirteen

Thirteen Things about YOUR NAME

This was cute so I picked it up at Claire's site.

1. I have 3 E's in my first name

2. Most people spell it wrong on their first, second, and third try.

3. This bothered me a LOT when I was little.

4. I've gotten use to spelling it for people now.

5. I can spell my name on a calculator - 337537 now look at it upside down.

6. Lee is my father's middle name

7. Lee was also his mother's middle name.

8. It's also my brother's middle name.

9. Kids use to tease me by calling me More-Lee.

10. I wanted my name to be Lynessa (long E there folk NOT like vanessa).

11. My name means "From a chosen camp".

12. Those cute cards, pens, keychains, etc you find everywhere with names on them-yeah, you'll never see my name there.

13. In High School I was friends with a Lesley. People always got a chuckle when we'd say hi to each other in the halls. "Hi Lesley" "Hi Leslee"


Pilot Mom said...

Fabulous! My name never shows up either on those key chains etc! Pretty cool about the calculator! :)

madcapmum said...

Nope, nary a keychain, but once when I was kid and we went to Scotland, I saw my name on a coffee-mug! I think that may be the only thing I remember from the entire trip!