Tuesday, July 04, 2006

Almost a perfect weekend

I had a great 4 day weekend! There's so much to tell you that I'll have to break it up into a couple of post because otherwise it'll be three-thousand lines long and I'll loose you about half way!

Friday afternoon Peanut and I headed east. I'm originally from Tahlequah, Oklahoma which takes about three and a half hours if you drive straight through, which I never do. Our first stop was in Tulsa to see my friend Joanie and her little boy. He's a year old and was born with some kind of heart condition that causes his bad blood to mix with his good blood and then it gets pumped back out into his body. This was his second heart surgery, poor little guy! He's got the face of an angel though!

After spending a few minutes with her Peanut and I continued our trip east arriving at my mom and dad's just in time for supper! We had a nice quite evening just the four of us. Peanut climbed in a tree then she, my mom, and I took a walk. I took this great picture of them walking down the dirt road, but you'll just have to picture it in your mind because I left my camera in Tulsa (dang it!). When I get my camera back I'll download the pictures and post them.

Saturday was a great day, but I'm bushed from all the driving I did today so I'll have to tell you that story tomorrow. Have a good night, ya'll!

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Badoozie said...

well, well. i think i know whats coming next, but i'll be quiet. you've become quite coy with us, only letting out one tidbit at a time indeed!!