Saturday, July 15, 2006

A little sigh of relief

Oh, I feel like I can breathe now! I haven't had a weekend to lay around the house in over a month! In the last five weeks I've had three weddings, five days at an out of state youth church camp, and a four day mini-vacation to my parents' house where I saw all the important friends from my childhood and met the Joe family. To say I've been busy has been an understatement.

But, shhhhhhh... come a little closer I'll tell you a secret....

I'm planning on spending next Saturday in my pajamas--the whole day!

SHhhh!!! Girls, no squealing! Someone might hear you and think I can help them with whatever project they've got going on!

That's my plan anyway. I've done it before and let me tell you it is absolutely wonderful! I'm going to do my grocery shopping sometime during the week so I'll have plenty of low-fat and low-cal snacks if I feel inclined and the kids'll have food too and hopefully they won't expect me to fix it-well, I can pop something in the microwave, but turn the oven on, NO WAY!
I only have two weddings left and they're both in September. The first one, I'm expecting, will be easy. They've been impressed by everything I've told them so far. The second one, I can't feel how it's going to go yet. She's on top of things and comes in to ask questions which is good, I feel like she'll be prepared, but I just don't know how it'll play out. For those of you wondering, I did turn in my resignation. I agreed to do the last three weddings I had booked for the year (one of them was tonight and if every wedding went as well as that one I would be more inclined to stick around longer). The pastor respected me didn't try to talk me into staying. He's not sure exactly what he'll do, besides pray. I too will be doing the same and I expect the Lord will show both of us what He wants us to do.
I don't know what next year will hold. We have three weddings booked for next year, but there will be a seven month intermission (at least so far) between the last wedding of this year and the first one of next year. After seven months I might be willing to forget the bad things of this year and at least do those three. We'll see. I still love weddings. I think each one is magical and perfect even with all it's goofs.
But one thing is for sure. Next weekend I will NOT be thinking about any wedding, except my best friend from high school's wedding that's coming up in October. She's been dating the guy for 9 years and has finally consented that marriage wouldn't be a BAD thing. She still doesn't want any kids though! LOL! I am, as you have probably guess, in the wedding as a bride's maid (which I think is pretty funny because both of the bride's maids are married!). I don't know if I'll be first or second, it doesn't really matter to me, I'm just excited to see my dear friends making this life long commitment. Here in a couple of weeks I'll be going back to Tahlequah to get my dress. The place we're getting the dress from is very cool. They are going to order in two sizes of the same dress and sell me which ever one fits. I'm sure this is no big deal to them, but seeing how it takes me about 3 hours to drive to my hometown, it's a big deal to me! I'll bring the dress home and have it altered to fit me, but I think I'll wait until about two weeks before the wedding since I'm still loosing weight! (Thanks God!)
Ok, this post is WAY longer then I intended it to be when I sat down tonight. Who knew I really had THIS much to say. Anyway, good night all!


madcapmum said...

Hey - congratulations all around!!! Resigning, losing weight, taking a day off - these are all really good!

Girl said...

Did you meet the Joe(e) family? or a different family?

I used to spend the weekend in my jammies after I would work three conferences in a row. One time I was in FL visiting my parents just after one of those marathons and I actually had my parents go to Friendly's and get me ice cream while I sat in the car in my jammies.


Badoozie said...

okay, if you decide to leave the house in your pj's just don't tell anyone!!! shhhhh, some people think thats weird, and we don't want them to think your weird...........(not me of course)

so what will you be doing as your regular job?

Leslee said...

Mum, Thanks!

Girl, I met Uncle Joe, Aunt Josefina, Cassie Jo, and Carly Jo- that Joe family. I'd love to meet Jo(e) but I'd end up naked on her blog and I don't know if I'm ready for that!

Susie, I don't think anyone thinks I'm weird. You don't think I'm weird, do you? As far as the job thing goes, my day job is the bookkeepper in the church I wedding coordinate for. I keep plenty busy paying their bills and such.

Mel said...

Enjoy your pajama Saturday!