Thursday, July 06, 2006

The Story Must Go On!

Well, it looks like I'm going to have to tell you this story without any pictures. Darn. They were really good pictures. Maybe when I get my camera back I'll throw them up. I can't even update my other blog 101bloggers without pictures. Oh well. Here goes.

Saturday night at the appointed time Peanut and I arrived at Sam and Ella's to devour most delicious pizza. We only had to wait a couple of minutes before friends starting arriving. I was a little nervous that I wouldn't recognize them, but of course when I saw them outside I knew them right away. There was Aunt Josephina, Uncle Joe(I mean Bat Man), Carly Jo, and Cassie Jo (who, like Peanut, doesn't have her own blog-yet).

Peanut and Cassie Jo got a long like two peas in a pod. They're the same age and both like to dance and play. Peanut had brought a little car with her so they sent the car flying across the restaurant several times. They both were pushing the line to see how far they could push their mammas. But their mammas were having too much fun laughing and telling stories that we didn't pay them much attention (kidding). We ate the best pizza and talked about everything under the sun like blogging, comics, movies, moving, summer stuff, and whatever else we thought of. I even got to know their real names!

After we finished stuffing our faces with as much pizza as we could eat we went and sat outside for a little while. Peanut and Cassie Jo played in my car. Luckily I had the keys. I asked a random stranger to take a picture of the 6 of us which turned out great. Too bad you can't see it. After the girls started playing in the street we decided to go to the park.

The park was an interesting place to be Saturday night. There were a few other people there to play and some parents of four of the kids were playing Who-Can-Leave-The-Best-Hicky game instead of watching their kids. I don't know which one of them won, but I know the kid walking around in just a droopy diaper and his sisters lost. After making out for about forty five minutes they finally decided it was time to leave. They spent two minutes playing with the kids and then left. The girls and I played in the branch (for those of you who do not know, a branch is "4. A tributary of a river. Chiefly Southern U.S. See creek. See Regional Note at run. A divergent section of a river, especially near the mouth.").

After visiting for about three and a half hours we finally parted ways and headed toward our homes. It was so much fun. I hope to be able to hang out with them again soon!


Badoozie said...

well i'm glad you got to meet them, and actually this worked out great. see, you got to be the one to test-run them and make sure they're not whacko's, and its safe for me to visit them now, so THANKS

Leslee said...

I never said they weren't whackos! But I do know they're probably not going to kill you either.

Lorna said...

sounds lovely :)

Aunt Jo said...

Leslee: we had a most fabuloso time! i was thrilled that the children all got along, especially mine! haha We have a special you-know-what for you-know-who too.

The best part of the park escapade was seeing Hickey Man fall down while he was showing off trying to chase the merry-go-round.

uncle joe said...

Somebody say whacko?

What do you need?

Leslee says we're "Probably" not going to kill you... ha ha

Aunt Jo said...

Leslee my post with pictures is up. (Can i also warn you that if the teeter totter photo shows up on this blog there will be consequences. i know how to find you.) heehee!!!

EmmaSometimes said...

FUN!! Now I have a picture of you that I can put on my stalker shrine, um, I mean blog peeps frame. Neener neener!!