Saturday, July 29, 2006

Happy Anniversary to Me!

Well, what do you know. I made it a whole year on this crazy blog train. So, in lieu of a real post I'm just going to highlight some of my better (in my opinion and really, who's opinion matters here?) post.

I began this blog on July 29th, 2005.

In August I posted about old friends, my love affair with Thunderstorms and falling in love with the book Pride and Prejudice.

September brought dance lessons for Peanut and me a little hunting going at work and some enlightenment from Peanut.

October came a slew of weddings an Elvis siting and my acceptance into RevGalBlogPals web ring and that was in just the first four days! Peanut had some interesting wisdom and other conversations with various family members. I also wrote a little poem.

November I posted the cutest tooth fairy and a short story that I've been playing around with.

In December I learned that I've been weighing myself all wrong. I also got to "remember" some funny memories. Peanut got proposed to and that about sums up that month.

The new year brought with it a sock thief and her name is Dr. Peanut and the pictures prove it!

In February I took a stroll down memory lane. But more excitedly, I began the Friday Caption Contest. I visited the Grand Canyon, Manhattan, Paris, and Italy in ONE day! Oh, and I lost my eye.

March was a little safer for me, but not for these two idiots.

In April Peanut and I had an interesting conversation.

Then she took us to school in May and she taught us all about penguins, sharks, monkeys, ducks and bunnies. I also started a new blog full of flowers that month.

In June, Peanut was involved in a high speed chase and we had our first dance recital.

Ok, so there was more stuff in the last year then these 32 post, but these were just my favorites. I hope you all are having a great weekend!


HeyJules said...

I think I started reading you at "The Sock Thief." I distinctly remember thinking, "Now this is my kinda blog!"

I've been here ever since...

Happiest Blogoversary, Miss Leslee!!!

madcapmum said...

Happy Blogoversary, Leslee! I remember those first few posts, so either I nipped in right under the start gate, or went back and re-read later. It's been really good getting to know you over the past year.

Badoozie said...

dang, i was hoping to see your visit with the joe's in amongst your fun stuff. but you must have worked very hard on this post, good job on all the links!!! i've been blogging about as long as you have, so lets pat each other on the back


Leslee said...

Jules, thank you! I wish I had that kind of fun stuff to post these days, but the cat is outside now (too many socks went mia).

Mum, I do believe you've been around from the beginning. I picked you up when I was reading the Emmaus Theory which is where I was first discovered. I remember the day my pastor called me up and said he discovered my blog because I left a comment at Emmaus. Thanks for always being here!

Susie, I have to have SOMETHING good to put in next year's year-end recap! I met the Joes earlier this month so I'll get to start out with them next year!!! Congrats to you too on your anniversary!

Aunt Jo said...

Time flies when you are having fun doesn't it??

Happy Blog Day!

eija said...

Happy, happy blogoversary!!!

Heading over to see if you've had time to post new flowers... *grin*

revabi said...

Congratulations on your anniversary. Sounds like you have had quite a year of life, and blogging. What a neat idea to select from your garden of posts for the best of the flowers.

Ayatollah Mugsy said...

Congratulations, Leslee! And happy birthday, Fresh-Cut Flowers!

jo(e) said...

Happy blogiversary!

the sojourning pilgrim said...

Congratulations. Quite a milestone. Keep blogging, sister, especially the Phriday Phunny Photo!!

Leslee said...

Thanks everyone for making this year a good one!

~Jennifer said...

Happy Blogiversary! I had to click on your old post about idiots (because I'm just in that mood). Hilarious.

Pilot Mom said...

Happy blogversary! You have a wonderful sense of humor and I thank you for sharing it with all of us! :D

Girl said...

HAPPY BLOGIVERSARY!!! I am so excited for you.

Hope all went well. :)