Saturday, July 01, 2006

****NEWS ALERT****

I interupt this holiday weekend to report to you this very important message.

Today I was in Walmart and I saw, are you ready for this?

Maybe I should wait just a second so you can prepare yourselves. Are you sitting down? You really need to sit down.

Ok, now that you are sitting do you have a beverage in your hand? If so, put it down. You don't want to have a carbonated beverage spewing out of your nose when you read this. Because that would hurt!

Ok. Anything else? Screaming children should be attended to before reading any further because you'll want to read this.

Here's the news you've been waiting for.

I saw--

Hulk Hogan!

Well, perhaps it was just a Hulk Hogan wanna be. The saddest part about it is the fact that I recognized him as this once normal boy I went to school with. I'm not kidding you. He's always had really light blonde hair, but today he had a long mustash to match and was wearing some sort of redneck hat. I wish I would've hat my wits about me and taken a picture for you guys! I'll probably never see him again. Oh well, once in a life time is enough. I wouldn' t have even recognized him as someone I potentionally knew except for the fact that he was standing next to a boy I did recognize.

Ok, you can go back to your holiday weekend. Have a safe on!


uncle joe said...

I'm not Hulk Hogan, I'm Batman..
You're so easily confused!!!!!

Email us your addy so we can send Peanut a penguin...

Peanut and the Penguin....
sounds like a childrens story..
you should write...000

Badoozie said...

i'm completely confused. was it a hulk hogan person dressed up like him, or just some guy you know who resembled hulk hogan, or who was it, where why, how/ i'm retarded

Leslee said...

UJ, I know you're Bat Man, you look just like him. Your daughter took a great picture of you for me, remember? It's a really really good one. Maybe when I get home and have a chance to download my pictures I'll post it... hee hee heee!

Susie, you're not retarded, dear, I made it sound like the guy I went to highschool was Hulk Hogan, but really he just looks like him. I don't know that that is his intent, but when I told my best friend from high school that I had see him she asked if he still looked like Hulk Hogan so appearantly I'm not the only one that has drawn that conculsion.

Cindy said...

I thought for sure you were going to say they were putting Christmas decorations out already!!!


Robert said...

Whatcha gonna do leslee when hulkamania and whoever that lookalike dude was,..... run wild on youuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu!!!!!! LOL too funny actually hulk hogans daughter is really hot shes trying to launch a singing career ooppss sidenote there later brother!!!

Leslee said...

That is a very intersting side note there Robert. Thanks for sharing with the class!

~Jennifer said...

Whew, I was confused too. I was going to ask, "Did you really go to school with Hulk Hogan?" I didn't think you were that old, though. :-)