Monday, July 10, 2006

We Have Pictures

Ok, my camera magically appeared on my dining room table sometime Saturday (thanks to some very nice fairies that brought it to me as they were passing through Enid). So here are a couple of the pictures I took weekend before last.

This one turned out a little dark, but if you look closely you can see Peanut and her Nana walking down the dirt road I grew up on. If you don't know, those shadowy things overhead, they're called trees.

What's a Peanut to do when she's visiting Nana? Climb a tree of course! This Red Bud tree was just a baby when I was little. It's branches would've broken if I had tried to climb it 20 years ago, but now all the grandkids love playing in that tree.

Here's the famous meeting of the minds. Peanut and I met with Aunt Josephina, Cassie Jo, Uncle Joe, and Carly Jo at Sam and Ella's pizza place. Read the whole cool story here.

Well, there you go.


Aunt Jo said...

That makes me hungry for pizza!

Pilot Mom said...

Great pics and sounds like great fun! Perfect combo with food thrown in, too!

Badoozie said...

oh how cute!! i love that picture and you had a great time, i can't wait to visit that pizza place. we shall make it a blogger tradition, everyone who meets the joe's has to get a picture right in that spot!!

Leslee said...

AJ, I want some pizza too. I don't think they deliver though.

Claire, Hi there! It was lots of fun.

Susie, I just wish I was there to eat pizza with you guys when you're in that neck of the woods. I'll be there in spirit though. As you look around just know that you're in my hometown. I went to school there from K-12 and even some college right down the road from the pizza place. Oh, I'm going to start crying I want to go back home!!!!!!!!!!!

~Jennifer said...

I'm jealous. I wanna meet the Jo's and Leslee too!

Nice picture!

Leslee said...

Jennifer if you're ever in Oklahoma let us know and we'll figure out how to get you to Sam and Ella's in Tahlequah for some good food and laughs!