Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Dream a little dream

It's been rainy here for a few days, Thank you Jesus! And just like the sky my brain is kind of grey and cloudy thanks to Peanut bringing me a cold from Tulsa. She usually doesn't share very well, but germs she gladly gives away. Why are some kids like that? Anyway, being sick has me dreaming of warmer locations that aren't my couch.
Note: I did drag my behind to work today where I've put in 4 hours and intend to do at least 2 more since we have a staff meeting.
So, I invite you all to dream a little dream with me. If you could take two weeks, a month, six months, a year-whatever off and go on your dream vacation where would you go? Who would you take with you? Why did you choose this (or these) locations.

Me, I'd love to go to Europe. I'd love to see England, that was my maiden name and I have some ancestors from there and would like to see what they might have seen. I've always dreamed of going to Italy for months, because I don't think I could see everything I want in just a week or two. History was one of my favorite subjects in school and when we talked Italy it seemed there was never enough time to go over everything. I would love for my husband to travel with me, but he's not really the site-seeing type but my mom is and she'd have a blast with me. I'd also like to go with some of my friends, but sometimes I thing going alone might be nice too.

Ok, your turn.


Bad Alice said...

I'd go to England, too, because I love it. I'd go to London and Yorkshire and Bath and Cornwall and the Lake Country and all the southern parts I've never seen. I'd stay in B&Bs and make my husband figure out how to drive there. The girls would go, too, but I would have so much money I could afford to bring a nanny to watch them during the parts they would find boring.

Then we'd go to Italy, where I would magically have aquired and ability to speak and understand Italian . . .

Ayatollah Mugsy said...

I'd go back to London and then visit some other cities in England, as well. Then I'd want to hit the rest of Europe, especially Italy, Germany, Amsterdam, Athens and Moscow. I'd take a river cruise from Budapest to Prague. I'd visit Mont St. Michel, a church on the French coast that used to be completely surrounded by the sea at high tide. (I read a story about it a while back, and it sounded like an impressive place.) I'd also go to Luxembourg to visit the grave of my great-grandfather's brother, who died in WWII. Then we'd stop in Iceland on the way back. I suppose I'd let my humans go along, too.

HeyJules said...

I've beent thinking about this quite a bit lately. I'd start in England & jut over to Ireland from there. Next, Id' check out a villa in Tuscany for a few days and then go see Greece - the parthenon and all that beautiful blue sea.

If there was STILL time and money left over, count me in for a tour of the Hawaiian islands and then back to home sweet home.