Monday, March 20, 2006

A little of this and a little of that

Well, there is much to tell and I don't quite know where to start. Peanut's Penguin Party was a success, most of the Stink Bugs (ok, they're really Lady Bugs but we prefer to call them stink bugs) were in attendance as well as a few other friends. Here we are trying in vain to blow the "candles" out... they were actually sparklers and Aunt Shelley didn't tell me that have to burn out.

It was still fun. I recently cut Peanut's hair. She looks so grown up in the short little bob. Speaking of the Stink Bugs, our first game is next Saturday, but I will probably miss most, if not all of it. I have a wedding that day at 1. The game isn't until 3, but these weddings tend to take up all of my day. But I don't have another wedding until...well, the LAST day of soccer season. Crazy how it turned out.

If in the last few days (or in the future) I seem, oh a little 18th centuryish it is because I've watched Pride and Prejudice at least a dozen times in the last week. My poor house has been neglected. I don't know what it is about this movie, but it is my favorite! I never grow tired of any of the scenes. Yes, it is a little different then the book, which I will admit to only ready twice (once being this last weekend) because of the difficult language. Now, I'm saying I find it impossible to read because of it, I grew up on the King James Version and am in love with many of Shakespearean plays, I'm only saying that when I read for pleasure I prefer it to be in the language I am accustom to using myself. But after watching this movie (many many times) and reading the book I find myself using some of the bigger words of my vocabulary. Is this really a bad thing? Oh, what I would have done to be able to be a part of this movie!

Ahh... somedays I wonder what life would have been like had taken off to the sunny part of the US and jumped with with all the actors and actresses out there. I'm not unhappy with my life and on most days I wouldn't trade it for all the world...but sometimes I like to wonder.

Peanut was in Tulsa all last week, returning for her party. With her return she brought me a nice cold. Yesterday I had a hard time singing in choir, I know of one note my voice gave out on me when I was singing out... I hope no one heard me. Today I am at home. I've only watched Pride and Prejudice twice and am listening to it right now as I's at that scene when Mr Bingly has given the ball at Netherfield. The way that Darcy and Elizabeth interact during their dance.... ohhh... sends shivers down spine everytime... not quite as much when he proposes...oh you know, I know there are several guys reading so I'll stop.


madcapmum said...

Great cake, Leslee! And Peanut's new do is ever-so-cute! That's a great kiss-curl on the side. Suits her.

Cindy said...

Only one of your pics showed up for me. :0(

I agree, that cake is awesome! You did an excellent job!

As far as Pride &! That must be a great movie. I'm compelled now to go rent it or have my son bring it home from work, Hollywood Video.

Have a great day and feel better!!!