Tuesday, March 28, 2006

In case you didn't know...

... when there is a funeral procession it is a form of RESPECT to pull over and allow them to pass. You should stay there on the side of the road until the last car has passed and only then is it appropriate to return to what you are doing. It most cases this will only take a minute or two and if you're already late at least now you'll have an excuse to give. This short interuption to your trip gives you time to think about your own mortality. Just because you have a green light and theirs might be red does not mean that you have the right to try to cut them off!

It's called RESPECT people. Show it.

Thank you

*getting down from her soap box*

Today after our off-site staff meeting I decided to make a quick stop at the bank. As I approach a south bound red light I see a cop car in the west bound lane. She sounds her horn and has her lights going. I quickly realized that she was stopping traffic for a funeral procession. This did not irritate me. I am all for showing respect to people who have just lost their loved ones because I expect them to show me respect when I loose mine. And while sitting there I had the chance to observe the oncoming traffic to the funeral procession. While the light was red they were very respectful, they couldn't go anyway, but as soon as that light turned green they were off. They didn't need to get out of anyone's way I'm sure they thought. And this one car actually tried to cut off part of the funeral procession by making a left hand turn! I was appalled to say the least! But then I remembered back at Thanksgiving when my own grandfather died and a green minivan tried to pull the same stunt on me. Oh did I lay into my horn and flash my lights at them... I was pissed. Its not like there were a lot of people in my grandfather's procession either, a whopping 7 or 8 cars. Did this minivan totally miss the hearse?

I despise disrespectful people!


Jackie said...

Shove over, make room for me on that soap box too!

I totally understand. When I was at my grandmother-in-laws furnral, I couldn't believe the amount of people that tried to cut us off.

you are totoally right, it's all about RESPECT, something that people seam to have forgotten about in the last decade or two!

jo(e) said...

This is actually a good reminder to those of us who have teenage kids getting their drivers' licenses. I don't think I've explained this to them yet.

Cindy said...

I've noticed people don't even pull over for ambulances and such as much anymore.

Let's all shake our fists at them right now!


Hikingalong said...

Amen! In the south, we always show respect when there's a funeral procession but some folks who aren't familiar with southern hospitality and social graces don't always honor that. I can't stand people who cut in the line or cut people off. I'm glad you posted this.

Jan said...

Being from Enid, I've returned for many funerals. Enid has always been a place that respected funeral processions until the past couple of years. I've noticed in increasing number of losers trying to speed by. It used to be that you could go out to Memorial Park, which is on a divided highway, and the southbound drivers would always stop. Some even got out of their cars and stood respectfully (which was AWESOME). The last funeral I attended was my father-in-law's. I little green car actually passed the entire procession, including the hearse. I was mortified.

We need a bigger soapbox.