Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Only in Enid...

Ok, I very rarely read the newspaper and for several reasons. One, the news paper in my town has a habit of getting the news WRONG. The cut out the truth to make it fit right or just plain get facts wrong. Another reason is the fact that I just don't have time to read it, normally.

But for some reason I was drawn to the Enid News and Eagle today and read the most.... I don't know what to call it...bizzare (?) story.

Here's a little quote:
Two Enid men have been charged with three felony crimes each after an inadvertent cell phone call to police lasting more than three hours detailed their alleged plot and actions. A call to the 911 call center was placed from a cell phone inside the pickup of one of the men, and the line was kept open and recording for three hours and 45 minutes.....During the course of the phone call, dispatchers and officers say they heard the two men discuss building a fire bomb and using it to burn a vehicle.

How stupid do you have to be? I mean, they commit a crime and TALK about it for almost 4 hours?!?!? What the heck?! If you want to read the whole story of how the police caught these fine upstanding citizens you can go here to get your daily dose of laughter.


Cindy said...

Heh, heh...that one's a winner, eh?

HeyJules said...

They probably were just excited because they got one of those free daytime minute plans for their cell phone and wanted to get their money's worth! ROTFL

Leslee said...

lol, yeah, I'm sure those minutes will pay off when they get out of prison!