Thursday, March 30, 2006

Mom things

March or April is National Child Abuse Prevention Month and though I've been dreading it, I had to have a mom talk today with Peanut. She's to the age where I'm not with her all the time. She goes to friends' houses and sometimes spends the night. She needed to know a few things. So, this morning on our way to school I turned down the radio and we talked about what kind of touches are good touches, like hugs and kisses on the forehead from family members. But then we had to talk about what kind of touches were bad. Oh, I've dreaded this talk because I just didn't know what to say. I don't remember getting this talk from my mom, I got THE talk but not this talk. We didn't go into great detail today but I think Peanut understood what I was saying to her.

After the scary talk we play our math game and that was fun. I just learned last week that they are just now starting to do basic math in her class, like 2 + 3. Peanut and I have been playing math for about a year now. We don't do it everyday nor do we do it every week, just whenever we think of it. I give her simple equasion like 3 +5 and 8-2 and then she tells me the answers. I've taught her to count her fingers but she's getting to where she doesn't always need them. We don't go over 10 (not enough fingers) but she has fun all the same. It gets her little mind going before she gets to school and maybe that will help her learn learn learn.

For those of you with kids what games do you play in the car? What games did you play growing up?


the sojourning pilgrim said...

Of course, I love the language, and we learned to play with the language - creating words, discovering images and concepts - that sort of thing.

We listened to the radio some, and I taught the children how to listen for the decade from which a particular song came. That helped teach some history, as well.

You do well to have as many of the "talks" as you can - when you have a captive audience. From the day they are born until the day they leave for college - just over 6500 days. I had more things than that to tell them (especially the girl child). Don't waste any opportunities.

Aunt Jo said...

any game that involves counting and m&m's is great for my 6 yr old!