Tuesday, April 18, 2006

6 Weird Things About Me

Ok, well I saw this Meme on a couple of sites but I finally decided to do it myself after reading Sob'ah My Soul. These things are more random then weird... or at least that's what I think, you might think they're toally weird and that's fine. I'll let you think that if you really want to. I mean, it's not like I can stop you, right?

1. I'm uncomfortable in tense/emotional situations and attempt to use humor to get out of it.

2. I can't watch people brush thier teeth, but I can watch when I have blood drawn.

3. When I lived alone I would sleep with the heater (it was winter) AND a fan on!

4. I think I have more blogger friends then real life friends.

5. I'm more comfortable around older people then people my age

6. I retain random numbers in my memory. For instance, up until about a year ago when I learned the Federal Tax ID number for my current job I could tell you the Id number for the dealership I worked at from 1999-2003 but I only knew the number the last six months I worked there. I can still remember phone numbers of friends I had in school. I don't have an address book because I memorize addresses too... except zip codes, for that I always use USPS.com

Ok, if you do this Meme tell me about it so I can go make fun of you... er, I mean, read your blog, yeah, that's what I meant.


~Jennifer said...

I'm exactly the same with with numbers. I still know numbers and addresses of friends I had in jr. high. I've memorized the 14 digit library card barcode numbers for my entire family (it makes gathering library books together so much easier when I can look everyone's up online.)birthdays, bank account numbers, social security numbers, yada yada yada.

EmmaSometimes said...

I think #4 is not weird. We allow bed head-hair, pj pants, all shapes, sizes, backgrounds, economic status. It's the perfect equal opportunity friendship.

#2 is just the opposite for me. I pass out when I have to have blood drawn.

Numbers are fun. I remember numbers too but I am much better at songs.

Badoozie said...

i can definetely relate to having more blogger friends than real ones. at least they are more caring anyway.

i can retain every last detail of how a person looked, and what they wore, and what they said, but i can't remember numbers. sometimes i even have to stop and think about my own phone number.

i'll have to take some time here one of these days and peruse your blog. looks interesting

Leslee said...

Jen, when we went to get the loan for our house the bank asked my husband what his ssn was and he had this blank look on his face so I gave it to him. The banker chuckled.

Emma, thanks for not thinking #4 not weird. Online friendships can be perfect. If you don't want people to bother you you just don't log on.

Susie, you are always welcome. I noticed sometime back that we comment on a lot of the same blogs. You make me laugh and I've added you to my favorites!

jo(e) said...

Hey, I am older than you so it's cool to know that you are comfortable around older people.

The only truly weird thing on the list is the aversion to watching people brush their teeth. I've been in lots of communal situations so I guess I am really used to watching people brush their teeth.

Cindy said...

Nope, you don't sound weird to me. I used to be that way with numbers but I'm older now and it doesn't come rushing back like it used to. Cherish it, maybe yours will last longer than mine.

I like to sleep with the fan on or windows open and then cover up with big thick blankets. Hubby doesn't share my love for that, however.

I'm glad to hear you like older folks. I'm that way, too. I get along better with older or younger ladies and all men, rather than women my own age. There's just often a snooty competition thing that I'm not at all interested in.

Have a good day!