Monday, April 17, 2006

Shhh... it's a secret

*in hushed tones*

I actually talked Nickel into going to church with me yesterday. And he didn't have the I'm-miserable-and-I-can't-believe-I-agreed-to-this look on his face the whole time!

Peanut was super excited to have daddy's lap to sit on the whole service. Later, when I asked Nickel how he liked the service he shrugged. I asked him if he thought the choir sounded good, he said, better then I could do. Then added he got a kick out of listening to Peanut try to sing the songs. She's usually more intersted in her color page or other things to listen to the songs so I never know how much she actually picks up but yesterday she had her daddy to show off for.

She made me laugh at the end of the service when we were singing the hymn of commitment, she couldn't wrap her arms around both of us tight enough!

Will he go back? That remains to be seen. Maybe next year, maybe sooner.


Jackie said...

that's so nice! I'm really happy for you!

Mike Kear said...

I was delighted to meet the Nickelmeister on Sunday. He can share my pew anytime - next year or next week!

Leslee said...

That's so nice Dr Kear since I share my pew with you every week!

enid enigma said...

so sorry I didn't get to meet your "favorite coin". Easter is such a wild day for us accompanists. Besides that - by the time I finish the Postlude, everyone's already out the door. I seem to miss out on the "welcome" and the "benediction". Bummer!

So glad he was able to share the moment - and give you girls a thrill, whether or not he realized he was being thrilling. Been there, done that - and it's so special to sit beside someone Special and share an extra-special occasion.