Thursday, April 27, 2006

Next time won't you sing with me

ABC meme
Thanks Jo(e) for introducing me to this meme.

Accent: I can hide my backwoods hick accent during normal waking hours, keep me up after midnight and I can't concentrate hard enough.
Booze: No thanks, makes me sick.
Chore I Hate: Cleaning the kittie box
Dog or Cat: I really liked Jo(e)'s answer so I'm stealing it. Cat. I like dogs but I don’t respect them. They obey humans, a dreadfully stupid trait. Cats, on the other hand, are independent. They obey no one. And if they don’t like something, they hiss and let you know it.
But I will add that Ayatolla Musgy does don't fall in this catagory, he is far superior to all other dogs!
Essential Electronics: I miss my computer and tv if I go too long without it, but I can do a couple of days without each no problem.
Favorite Cologne: Aqua De Gio (for men) makes me happy!
Gold or Silver: I prefer to wear silver, but wish I had some gold bars
Hometown: Tahlequah
Insomnia: When I was about 17 I wouldn't go to sleep until about 4 am and got up at 6 for almost the whole summer. Not fun because I couldn't watch tv. All I did was stare at the stars.
Job Title: Bookkeeper/Wedding coordinator is the job I get paid for.
Kids: just a Peanut
Living arrangements: in a house with my husband and Peanut
Number of sexual partners: one
Overnight hospital stays: just when Peanut was born. I checked in on Tuesday and took her home on Saturday.
Phobias: I wouldn't want to be buried alive, but I don't think I have a phobia of it.
Quote: Courage is not the absence of fear but the knowledge that something is more important then fear. It's from the Princess Diaries
Siblings: brother
Time I wake up: between 6:30 and 7:00 am during the week and as late as possible on weekends!
Unusual talent or skill: I do this thing with my lips where the top lip is pulled up in one corner and the bottom lip is pulled down in the opposite corner. Oh, I can do either side too, makes people stop what they're doing when you do it to them randomly.
Vegetable I love: I love me some 'maters!
Worst habit: blogging when I'm at work
X-rays: I've had x-rays of my teeth and my head
Yummy foods I make: everything I make is yummy, but my meatloaf doesn't last long nor does anything made of chocolate
Zodiac sign: I'm Aquarius, as if you didn't know.


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Present company excluded of course Mugsy.

Jackie said...

ooo, that looks like fun, I think that I will blog the ABC's!

Ayatollah Mugsy said...

Good to know, Leslee. I will tell Brody to call off the "operation."