Monday, April 10, 2006

Dumpster Diving

I threw my friend, J's wife, a baby shower this weekend. J and J's wife are having a little girl soon and we invited about a hundred people to the shower. Because of the amount of invitations we sent out I rented the dining room at the church I work at to accomadate all the guest. I only had ONE person RSVP that said they were coming and 4 that said they were not. I didn't know how many people to plan for so I just got some stuff. We had just enough cake and just enough punch. It was a good deal!

The shower itself was very nice. J's wife got some really nice clothes, lots of blankets, and several odds and ends.

After the shower I was cleaning up and packing the car. Most of the bags I had used to haul stuff to the church broke so I was loading ALL my stuff by hand. After I finally got the car loaded I cleaned up the room according to the clean up sheet that was left for me.

I got the bright idea of walking down to the other set of doors to take the trash out to the dumpster, those doors are right next to the dumpter and I had already locked the other doors. I didn't pay attention to all the red signs. As soon as I opened the door an alarm started going off. I was the ONLY one in the building. I ran back into the dining room, grabbed my keys, ran outside to get my purse to get my cell phone, by this time the alarm has stopped. I went ahead and called someone to find out if the cops were going to show up or what. No, they weren't but that alarm is set and I need to walk the trash around to the other doors...

Now, where did I leave the trash? Oh yeah, by the other doors. I walked down, got the trash, walked back up and then back down outside to the dumpster. Next time I'll not get any bright ideas.

Later that evening after I got home I started rinsing out dishes knowing that I wasn't going to want to wash them until later and didn't want them to be all crusty. I rinsed the crystal punch bowl out and went to set it aside. But instead I dropped it in the sink. It shattered. I have cuts on my left hand from picking it all up and throwing it away. I decided to just leave the other dishes crusty.

I washed the dishes later that day and Sunday afternoon as I was getting ready to fix lunch I started putting dishes away. Then I noticed that I couldn't find my silver spoon that went with a dip bowl. I pulled the trash out from under the sink. It wasn't there. I looked in the car, it wasn't there. Around 5 pm I talked Nickel into going to the church with me so I could go dumpster diving. I pulled out the trash bag (luckily we only used one) and started digging. It was pretty gross but I still didn't find my spoon. We went home. I was disappointed but wasn't going to loose any sleep over a spoon.

Around 5 am I woke up and as though a light bulb had gone off I remembered the spoon was in the dip bowl which is still in the icebox. The following is the actual conversation I had with God after that:

Me: Thanks God!

God: You're welcome.

Me: Why didn't you tell me that 12 hours ago before I went dumpster diving?

God: You didn't ask.

Me: Dang it.


Jackie said...

lol, I hate those conversations! If only we ask earlier!

Hope you have a great week!

the sojourning pilgrim said...

Funny story. You crack me up.

Hey, what gives with the formatting at the bottom of your blog?

HeyJules said...

Leslee, you never fail to make me smile!

Leslee said...

Jackie, I hope you have a headache free week!

Doc, glad I could make you laugh. I don't know what I did to freak out the formatting, but I'll look into fixing it this afternoon...maybe.

Jules, that's what I'm here for. You need a smile, you just call me!

~Jennifer said...


I can't believe how many people fail to RSVP. Amazing.

Leslee said...

Jennifer, it's one of my pet peeves! I try very hard to RSVP and send thank you notes (if I don't get to say it in person) or emails to let people know how much I appreciate stuff. I guess I'm old fashioned.

Leslee said...

Doc, nothing I tried worked. Think you know what's wrong?

Mel said...

What a day! Shattered ice, alarms going off, a lost spoon . . . it sounds all too familiar to me!

eija said...

yeah, we should always remember to ask.

I spent a couple of decades with a nerve-wrecking fear of playing my flute in front of an audience (even if the audience was just one person!) just because I never asked God to release me from it. Once I did ask Him, He answered me in less than a second. And no more trembling after that!

Since then I've made sure that I ask for things. And I'm asking, asking, asking. So much that I think soon He'll tell me to shut up and stop asking *grin*

madcapmum said...