Thursday, April 20, 2006

I got a phone call yesterday from Peanut's school asking me if I could come get her because she wasn't feeling good. I had tried to talk her into going home and taking a nap instead of going to school before dropping her off at kindergarten but she was the treat person and insisted the 5 minute power nap she got on the way to school was just what she needed. Little Liar.

So we spent the rest of the afternoon vegging on the couch. I spent most of that time holding her. I like being needed.

Later I called Nickel and asked him to pick up a movie for her. He had wanted me to skip church, just this once, and the three of us go to the park but settled for watching movies all night.

For Peanut we watched The Chronicals of Narnia. She had seen it in theaters with friends but I was too cheap to buy a ticket and we finally got around to renting it. I really enjoyed the movie. I thought the special effects were awesome!

After we sent Peanut off to bed we put in a scary movie. I don't like scary movies. I talked Nickel into watching Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back which was in our DVD collection instead. He can watch the scary movie after Peanut goes to bed tonight.

It was a nice, relaxing evening. It meant more to me then he'll ever know, I'm sure.


Cindy said...

I'll come over and watch the scary movie with ya, because I LOVE scary movies!

Wait...which one is it?

Leslee said...

I don't like scary movies! My imagination scares me enough as is, don't need hollywood feeding it!

jo(e) said...

I can't watch scary movies because then I get nightmares.

I'm glad you had a nice evening.

eija said...

Scary movies... no way! Even scary sounds are too much for me!

Heck, even the Bambi story is too much for me, because Bambi's mother dies :(

So... The Narnia movie. I have the DVD at home, planning to watch it with my kids. But I'm still wondering if it's too scary for a 5,5 year old? We have read five of the books in the chronicles, including the lion one, but books are always different...

Not that it really matters if it's scary or not, because the kids are both anxiously waiting to see the movie, so I don't have a way out of it anymore :D

Leslee said...

Bambi's mother dies??!?! WHAT?!?!? NO!!!!

Just kidding, I actually saw that movie in the theaters!!

My Peanut is 6 and she loved the movie, yeah, there's a couple of parts that I thought was a little extra scary but it ends good so I think that out weights it to the kids.