Wednesday, April 19, 2006

One of those moments

So I'm out and about driving around this morning running some errands. I made a stop, got out of the car handled my business and was back on the road in a matter of just moments.
I approached a red light and waited my turn as any good girl should and when the light turned green I pushed on the gas pedal. I'm going along pushing about 35 mph because that's about what the speed limit is. The motor's reving pretty high and should be switching gears.
Any moment now...
Yep, I'm almost doing 40 mph and am running at 3000 rpms.... that's pretty high but I'm sure it's going to go into the next gear right about... now.
Why does it feel like I'm still in second gear?
I back off the gas, doing 2500 now... um, something's not right here.
I glance down to look for my phone which should be right there to call my mechanic, aka my husband.
I didn't have to call him. Nope. I see the problem.

I'm driving in second gear.


HeyJules said...

Been there.

Done that.


Janice said...



Darn those stick shifts anyway!

I like automatics myself.