Wednesday, April 05, 2006


Questions: Have you ever traveled to England? When is the best time to go? When is the worst time to go? Is there any place that is a MUST see? Is there anywhere you think is a MUST NOT see?

Why: I have always wanted to see England. It was my maiden name and therefore interest me growing up. I've also be reading Jane Austen's books and have fallen in love with the 19th century England....I'm sure a few things have changed in the last two hundred years. Duh.

So I've been thinking that for our 10th wedding anniversary Nickel and I should go somewhere fun because our honeymoon consisted of one night in a hotel in the town we lived in, but it had a jacuzzi in the room! We couldn't afford to go anywhere and the hotel room was a present from his family. When I asked Nickel where in Europe he'd like to go he said England and that settled it. We have until 2009 to make these plans final... and save the money...and change our minds...

I just want to know what your thoughts and feelings are. I'm sure there's at least 1 or 10 of my readers that have been, are there, or are planning on going that can offer some advise.

Thank you!!!


Jackie said...

I was in England when I was a lot younger. And my favorite thing was the London Tower (it is an old castle/fortress near big ben and londen bridge) There were loads of the Royal Jewels, and also a neat tourture chamber (that I of course wanted to leave my sister in!). lol

You should absolutly go! You will love it.

By the way, one night in the hotel is a longer honeymoon then I got! oh, wait, no we stayed in the hotel, but there wasn't a hot tub. and the next night when we wen't home, my entire family was staying there. We didn't have the house to ourselves until a week after the wedding. I'm not really complaining, we liked having the family around, but that doesn't mean I dont' wish we had a honeymoon. ;)

Phi Phi said...

If you want a romantic night in London, I'd like to recommend London Eyes at night. There's nothing is more gorgeous than the London's skyview. Princess' Diana Memorial Park and the Church where Princess was married (I don't really remember what the name of the Church is :D) were my favourite places other there.I used to study in Oxford, so in my opinion Oxford should be your next stop because the old universities may interest you. Anyway, England is very green and clean. It's cold most of the time, but you should be prepared that there's no air conditioner in most place if you decide to go in summer (some summer is getting very hot though)
If you go to England, why don't you travel to France also? It's just about 2 hours by train from London.
Hope you enjoy your trip!

Tel said...

As much as i love living in England,their are plenty of cool places to visit outside the capital London, maybe dont do the normal tourist thing & do something different?

Leslee said...

Jackie and Phi Phi, thank you for your advise!

Oh Tel, please tell me more of these different things! I think I would like to spend a whole month there and still not see everything England has to offer.

jo(e) said...

I lived in London for four months as a college student. What a wonderful place. I think I would go in the fall or the spring.

How long will you have? I would recommend spending some time in London, but also renting a car and driving to some of the small towns and seeing the countryside.

I loved all the cathedrals -- I would recommend any town with a famous cathedral (there are tons.)

In London: yeah, do some of the tourist things but also spend time just wandering around neighborhoods and eating in pubs to meet the locals.

Ayatollah Mugsy said...

I've been to London only once, so I don't know what the best time of year is. I'd guess spring or fall would be best -- fewer tourists but not freezing outside. If you're going to go all that way, I think there are several "must-sees," but my top two would be Westminster Abbey (and check out parliament across the street while you're there) and the Tower of London (take the free tour with the Yeoman Warders -- they're great!). I have many photos of London (including the amazing seafood statue at Harrod's) on my travel blog, so you will of course want to look at that before you go:

My trip was confined to central London, so my only knowledge of the rest of England is what I saw from high-speed trains.

To supplement the vast knowledge you'll gain from my travel blog, I recommend this guidebook, which I found quite useful and well-organized.

Teri said...

i've lived in Scotland, not England, but I would say:
definitely late summer/early fall for timing...
and if you get a chance to hop on a train to Scotland, do it.
And, of course, don't forget to walk a lot out in the countrysides--for example, the Lake District or around the York area.
very nice...

Cindy said...

Wow, it seems like you had it backwards...1 out of 10 of your readers HASN'T been there and that 1 seems to be me.

Sorry, I can't help but it looks like you've got a lot of experts on board. I love the idea of going on this trip for your anniversary, though!