Saturday, April 29, 2006

Running Away

"I hate you! I don't want to ever see you again! I'm running away!"

Do you remember saying these words to your parents when you were a kid? Ever feel like saying them to your own kids sometimes? Maybe not the "I hate you" part, but the running away thought creeps into my mind more then I'll ever admit to, even in a blog!

I remember the one and only time I ran away from home. I was probably around 7 or 8 and I ran all the way to right under my brother's window. Yep, that's as far as I made it. You see, we lived far far from anywhere at all and I needed to weigh my options. Town, where most of my friends lived, was over 20 minutes away by car so for a chubby little girl it'd probably take days and I'd get hungry. I could run to Candy Cane's house, but someone would find me there. I was surrounded by woods and people were always telling ghost stories and I didn't like the dark... oh the decisions! I don't remember what I got so mad at, probably something my mean big brother did or said to me. I don't remember how many changes of clothes or what toys I packed up either. Couldn't have been very many though. I don't remember owning a suitcase, but I'm sure I used something!

I probably sat there a whole hour weighing my options, not liking any of them (I didn't want to get into trouble and I could see that this is where I was heading) and I was listening to my brother in his room. At one point I remember him almost crying (I say almost because I don't know if he was or not) and saying how much he was going to miss me and he was wishing I would come home. Well, that was all I needed. No apology needed, I had heard what I needed to hear. I walked back in the in house, probably to my room to take a nap thankful I didn't have to run away.

So, what's got me on this subject? Oh, just Peanut trying to run away tonight. Daddy and I tried very hard to listen to her go on and on about how she wasn't going to be our daughter anymore and therefore she didn't need to respect us. This went on for about thirty minutes, she even packed her suitcase with two baby dolls, seven pairs of panties, and two shirts (she said she didn't need any pants), and a box of Fruit Roll Ups. She took her cowgirl hat and was ready to "travel" as she called it. She told us she was going to live with Cashew and be Cashew's sister. We insisted that before she left she needed to call all her grandparents and break the news to them so they didn't buy her anymore Christmas presents, birthday presents, trips to come see her or to take her shopping. Well, she didn't really want to make those phone calls. Finally we talked her into watching TV with us, since Drake and Josh were on and daddy's supper was getting cold. So she did. Then she took a bath. She did finally call her Nana after I told her that Nana insisted she call her before running away. Nana and Peanut talked for several minutes then she went to bed. Must've been convincing enough for her to at least stay one more night with us.

Thanks Nana!


madcapmum said...

Oh that Peanut! At least the girl knows the immportance of changing her underwear!

Jackie said...

Gotta love the Nana!

~Jennifer said...

Oh, this was funny! You know, I have told my kids that I'm running away. I wish I could sometimes. It would be the same as it was when I was little, though, and I wouldn't be gone long. :)

Jan said...

When my son (age 6)talked of running away, I said, "Oh. Well, I will miss you a lot. Do you know where you're going to live?" He decided he was going to live at his friend's house. I wondered out loud, "Do you think they will buy your food for you, or will you have to get a job?" He didn't know, but he thought he could get a job. I told him to let me know when he was leaving and I would send a sandwich with him. Then I secretly called my friend and told her if he showed up to let him in, but then talk to him about their strict family rules and what they would have to charge for rent.

Apparently he decided he didn't want to get a job, because he never did leave!

HeyJules said...