Thursday, August 25, 2005


So, my church has this little choir. There are 11 of us that sit in the loft, Pastor directs us while singing tenor or bass (where ever he's needed most and has the voice to fill) and an angel visiting earth plays the piano. I often feel less then worthy to be in the company of such wonderful singers, I don't know how to read music very well (I understand the notes are going up and down and have finally figured out what that the p means to sing softly (which isn't hard for me) and f means to give it all you got) but I don't feel like I have that great of a voice. But I cannot give up going to choir practice every Wednesday night because of the wonderful time we have. Often someone will tell a joke that will get us started and it's like we're in the 5th grade cutting up and acting out (and among us are 5 teachers!!!)

Last night, my dear friend Ralph came in wearing a bright yellow rain coat, this wasn't humorous, it was afterall raining outside, but his seeing eye dog (oh yeah, I forgot to mention out of this dozen of people 2 of our members are blind!) was also wearing a matching yellow rain coat! Oh how we all wished for a camera! It tickled me so!!! If I could draw I would draw you a picture and if I could paint I would paint you a picture, but alas, I am not talented in this way either so you'll just have to take my word for it. If you're ever bored in Enid on Wednesday night come join our choir, if we don't scare you off you'll love it!

You know, the psalmist David said on many occasions to make a joyful NOISE (and that's what I do) to the Lord


Mike Kear said...

Bucky in a rain coat! You gotta love it.



madcapmum said...

For a number of reasons I can't get together with folks to make music any more and I really miss that. It really is good for the soul, isn't it?

Nice to hear you're having a good time in the loft, Leslee! ;0