Thursday, August 18, 2005

My dear sweet baby girl

Well, it was bound to happen. It happens to almost every child at some point in their life, and really it should happen to ALL children. My dear, sweet, baby girl left today for her first day in Kindergarten *WAH!*

To help me get through the afternoon until I go fight traffic and pick her up I've been surfing other blogs. Today you just MUST visit my friends! They have some funny stuff to say, and frankly, I don't!



Cindy said...

With my first child, I took him to school and was the only mother (that I could see) that was crying. I tried to hide it because he was a mama's boy and if he saw me cry, he wouldn't have wanted to go.

When my second child started Kindergarten, she was raring to go. No problem, raced right off to class with much exuberance. At 20, she's still that way in life.

Kids are very unique from the very beginning. Enjoy every minute because leaving the nest comes in a flash.

voixdange said...

I'm facing the sad reality of my first born going to college on Tuesday...Is there some way we could switch...

Ditto what Cindy biggest regret is all the things I said I was going to do or teach my kids tomorrow... you know the old cliche..."tomorrow" never came.At least not in that respect.

Unsolicited advice...things I did right...Have honest to God conversations with your kids, other than , "Where are you going?" and "Pick up your sox." Also expose them to everything positive that you can,
museums, ethnic communities, etc...